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  • Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 09:06:18 +0100


I hope everyone else is enjoying the summer as much as I am - it makes a 
change to have a few days without rain :-)

I thought you'd be interested to hear about the tutorials I've been 
producing for sendcard - at last there's more than the basic documentation 
to show you how to modify sendcard to meet your needs.

Recently I've been spending more time on improving the documentation than 
adding more features to sendcard - many of the features people have been 
asking for (such as emoticons) are possible already with sendcard, but you 
need to understand how sendcard works to implement them.  These tutorials 
have been designed with this in mind, and are designed to let the less 
advanced computer user add the features themselves, while learning in the 
process techniques to apply in future to other modifications that they wish 
to make.  Anyhow, that's the theory, and I'd appreciate feedback as to how 
hard/easy you find them to follow.

My latest tutorial is about adding emoticons (the popular smiley faces that 
brighten up messages) to sendcard.  Included in the tutorial are sample 
files to use with sendcard, making it easier than ever to put the tutorial 
into practice!

You can find the whole selection of tutorials at 


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