[sem-comp] SKY TV Problem

  • From: "Andy Liddle" <aliddle51@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <sem-comp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 21:21:26 +0100

OK for those who have digital, has anyone come across a problem with there 

For some reason or another, when I change the channel (quite quickly, man dad 
is very good at channel surfing, however I have yet to master the technique) ah 
yeh er anyway.  For some reason if you change channel to much the sky box seems 
to reboot (goes to standby and takes about 30 to bring it back online).  Has 
anyone else had this type of problem or know someone that has.  I know my 
cousin has the same problem (not as regular though), but they are using a 
different make of box then we are.  So I believe it must be something to do 
with the latest release of the software which gets downloaded to the box.

I mailed sky and didn't get much of a response from them.  I've looked on the 
internet and found a site (can't remember URL).  They suggested forcing the box 
to perform an software update.

This can be done by removing the sky card.  unplugging the box from the mains.  
hold down the back-up button on the box for 5 seconds.  Plug in the mains again 
whilst holding down the backup button for another 5 seconds.  All the lights on 
the box should light up and a message saying downloading.  The download should 
take up to 10 minutes depending on the single strength.

(Make sure your box is plugged into your TV via a Scart lead otherwise you 
cannot see the display)

any way this process hasn't stopped the problem.

Any comments or suggestion?

another example of poor software control during development me thinks.


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