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Added my name
On Oct 1, 2009, at 9:31 PM, Steve & Christina Wagner wrote:

I added my name to list below.

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I'll be there -- at least for a while. I wasn't there last year and have never camped at High Cliff (and that status will remain unchanged) -- how do I find y'all? Also, what time do you gather??
Thanks, Vicki
(I can bring crackers, too, if needed - let me know)

Sour Cream- Rachel
Saltine Crackers-
2 Oyster Crackers-  Steve
2 Shredded Cheese-Carolyn
Avocado- Vicki
Corn or Tostitos Chips-
Hot Sauce –
Bowls/Spoons-  Steve
Big Pot for the Chili-

Carolyn Koehler

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