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  • From: Sven E Olsson <seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:40:47 +0100

On Dec 29, 2011, at 15:35:10, Chuck Miller wrote:

> Imagine that I said:
> "I have a fresh install of SEEdit alpha. If I need help with generating CSS 
> and HTML items (or wish to work as quickly as possible), what do I need to 
> add to that fresh install?

Nothing ….

When you install or update/auto update SEEdit 800 there is nothing to think 
about in this case. A new update/install do not remove/change any thing in this 

But, SEEdit 700/800 have some features like this:

1) Local Snippets
2) Global Snippets
3) A lot of other features to use/insert code that you found useful

That help you insert insert of "code snippets" that you self have created and 
think is important/useful for you. If it have correct syntax is up to you to 
check. And sometimes the examples from the SEEdit download page could be 

> "Do I need to add libraries or other pieces from your website or elsewhere?

Nope ….

But perhaps you find something interesting for you, like the css <hr /> classes 
and would like to use them in your new and old SEEdit Projects. Adde them as an 
"Global Snippets" file. Create a text file like: css-hrclasses.txt and paste 
the code into that file, and put the file in your "Global Snippets Folder", now 
in SEEdit 800 you could insert the "code snippets" into your css files from the 
"middle/left list-box" in SEEdit 800 by select "Global Snippets" from the gear 
popup menu (instead of Local Snippets).

"Libraries", there is hundreds of java script libraries on the web, it is 
impossible to add those and also have knowledge about. It is up to you to find 
and use.

> "Do I need to change the SEEdit Preferences to enable some aspects of code 
> assistance or code completion?"

If it is not already done … 
1) Select "Global Folders" in the SEEdit Preferences.
2) Global Snippets Folder

This create a "Global Snippets Folder" where you put your "Global Snippets" 
files (like: css-hrclasses.txt)

> It may be that SEEdit doesn't need extras or changes to be as helpful for a 
> general webworker as possible. Maybe it's set up to help right out of the 
> "box." But when I saw the many items in your download section, I thought 
> maybe I should be enhancing the basic install. "

The many items is mostly "Examples and tests" to show how SEEdit works/could 
work… but if you find for example some css classes that you want to use in your 
sites then add them as "Global Snippets" 

In SEEdit there is a lot of things to do speed up the creation of sites. 
1) Editable Document Templates.
2) Editable CSS Tools (Quick CSS Tool)
3) Editable Local Snippets (single line snippets)
4) Editable SEEdit Macro commands
5) Global Document Templates
6) Global Snippets (multi line snippets)

So if you find/found something that you like to use (from the web) it is 
possible in one or other way add it to SEEdit for fast insertion to you 
sites/pages. And it could be a single line code or a whole page.

How to do?
Create a new message/subject and ask on this list, here is (even if it not 
looks so) a lot of users  or me that could answer and help you, and in the same 
time perhaps also some others get some new ideas/help.

Sven E

> If that's unclear, feel free to wish us a Happy New Year and let it go at 
> that. My confusing people happens from time to time, but doing so during the 
> holidays is regrettable...
> <grin>
> Chuck M

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