[seedit] SEEdit 8.0.0 now available

  • From: Sven E Olsson <seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 00:01:50 +0100

SEEdit 8.0.0 alpha 1 is now available for download and test.

SEEdit 8 is a major upgrade and require a new registration key that ends with 
"PLTS" (not for sale yet).

An temporarily SEEdit 8 (Pro) registration key that is valid until 2012-02-29 
is available for free.


Replace the ???? with the four (4) first in your now used SEEdit 7.x.x 
registration key that ends with KLAS,KLOS or FPHS


SEEdit 8.0.0 a1 is equal to SEEdit 7.2.0 fc1 in bug fixes and new features, 
except the Editor Window. Check the "SEEdit Last Update Info" from the SEEdit 
Help Menu.

** Any questions about registration keys, send us an e-mail off-list using the 
g-mail address.

System requirements:
OS X 10.5.8 Intel or later.
Min screen height resolution: 768px (higher is recommended)
Min RAM Memory: 2MB

SEEdit 8.0.0 is tested on 10.5.8 / 10.6.8 / 10.7.2 (Intel)

And now it is Sunday (00:01) …..
Enjoy and don't forget to send some feed-back….

Sven E

Sven E Olsson

Skype: seeditonskype

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