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  • Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:27:32 -0500

Alberto Prato wrote:
are you using LessCss? it's difficult to learn and what about real

I was using LessCSS (and still am in one project), and have started using SASS.

Less is quite easy to learn... particularly since any valid CSS is also valid LESS, so you can begin in very small steps... for instance, setting your main color scheme up as variables, which you can then easily replace throughout the site.

This also makes it much easier to generate complimentary color shades - by just performing some LESS (or SASS) "math" on your other color values.

Many frameworks... (ExtJs, SenchaTouch) are moving to a SASS-based system, so that modifying their themes is not an impossible task. With hundreds of classes, and thousands of lines of CSS, you really do need a way to modify things from the top, without worrying about the specific class implementations.

It also handles more than colors... all aspects of CSS get benefits... for instance you can have a line, or border style, or thickness set up. You can then easily add and adjust that style to other elements on the page, with adjustments for each instance.

I see Sven has just started a new thread about it...

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