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You are more than welcome.

Web stuff is great fun to do and a huge pain, sometimes, and any help we get along the way is a blessing.

That said, I have three more links you might find useful.

One is another Internet Explorer link that I came across when I was double checking some of my IE/CSS hack bookmarks.

It's called "Explorer Exposed" and it has all sorts of wonderful IE info and solutions.

The URL is:

And finally...Videos/Video Podcasts on CSS...

Finally, there are a couple of web sites offered by talented designers that feature Video CSS tutorials. Some are for the beginner and some are wonderful demonstrations of cool CSS techniques.

They don't deal with IE problems, but are a just treasure trove of CSS help. I've downloaded the video podcasts of most of the videos to my laptop so I can watch episodes as a refresher now and then when I am on the road. However, you don't have to download them and can watch them on the Web at your own convenience.

One is CSS Tips & Tricks, a 13-episode series by a designer named Stephen Korecky. Korecky's moved on to other things and the last episode was in March, but videos are worth watching and you can, of course, pick the topics that might interest you.

The url is:

And finally (really this is the last one...:-), there is what I consider the champion video podcast on CSS stuff: CSS-Tricks, by a designer in the Midwest of the US named Chris Coyer. Coyer has done 74 videos to date!

His site also has articles and code snippets and examples and a very cool forum.

The url is:

Both of these can be found in the podcasts at the iTunes store, and they're free podcasts.

Hmmm. Sorry if I've been a bit long-winded here. I love to share. :-)

Now I've got to get back to my current projects.



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Material arranged wonderfully. (^_^)
We wish sincerely to express our gratitude.
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