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  • From: Chuck Miller <chuckmiller@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 13:52:55 -0600

Greetings - 

I have no idea if this problem relates to SEEdit or not. That's why I'm asking.

In preparing to update an old website, I used CSS to revise the home page. Then 
I removed the CSS from the home page and put it in a linked CSS file. Then I 
developed a new nav menu with a Dreamweaver extension, got it working, and 
removed that to become a library item. Applied the library item to the home 

It more-or-less works. My browser shows the page OK. 

But there is one continuing problem. When I open the home page or work in it, I 
repeatedly get a series of 6 javascript errors that have to be dismissed. The 
javascript error messages mention phatfusion but none of the files for the home 
page include "phat" or "js" or "com". I've searched them all and examined the 
site folder. How do I get javascript errors if there's no javascript? How does 
Phatfusion get involved if I can't find the word?

The reason I think SEEdit *might* be involved is that after I made the external 
CSS stylesheet, Dreamweaver complained that there was an error in it. But I 
looked and looked and found no way to identify the error. So I opened the CSS 
file in SEEdit 8. Tidy wasn't available, and the display showed no error, so I 
went on through SEEdit to open the file in Espresso - the auxiliary editor that 
Sven has just made an option. I didn't find a validator in Espresso either (may 
have missed it) but a bit of code was given an unusual color, so I deleted it. 
Saved the file in both Espresso and SEEdit, and brought it back into DW. 

DW was now satisfied with the linked CSS file. But the javascript errors 
continued. The page looked fine in a browser, but the errors were a big 

I thought maybe "phatfusion" was somehow connected to SEEdit, so I looked in 
the site folder and found & deleted the "_seeditsiteprefs" folder. Site still 
good in browser. JS errors still plentiful. 

This may all be to bizarre for anyone to assist with. If so, maybe the most 
basic question is:

   Is it safe to take files into SEEdit for editing and then add them back to a 
Dreamweaver site? Are there necessary precautions?

Chuck M

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