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Ship Explodes 30 Miles off of Alaska 

Posted 10/22/02 at 4:23:PM

The 180-ft. fishing vessel Galaxy exploded and erupted into flames 30 miles
southwest of St. Paul Island, Alaska Sunday afternoon forcing 20 of its 26
crewmembers to abandon ship. Six others became stranded on the burning ship
before a Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew hoisted four of them to
safety. There is one confirmed dead with five fishermen reported in critical
condition and two remained missing as of 9 a.m. HST. Crews aboard the Good
Samaritan fishing vessels Blue Pacific, Glacier Bay and Clipper Express
assisted in the rescue of 20 Galaxy crewmen. Responding to the scene to help
with the search and rescue of the survivors is the Honolulu based Coast
Guard Cutter Jarvis. The Jarvis was on patrol in the Bearing Sea acting as a
search and rescue platform and to enforce commercial fishing regulations.
The Jarvis arrived on location with the survivors at 8 a.m. HST. They are
assisting in the search for the two missing crewmembers. Also helping with
the search are two Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopters, an HH-65 Dolphin
helicopter, Two Coast Guard, one Air Force and one Air National Guard C-130
Hercules airplanes. The weather on scene is reported to be 30-to-40 knot
winds, seas are 10-15 feet with freezing spray, freezing rain and snow. The
air temperature is 35 degrees, with a water temperature of 43 degrees. The
Galaxy is reported still afloat and on fire. 

Seabulk,Tesoro Extend Tanker Deal 

Posted 10/22/02 at 4:28:PM

Seabulk International, Inc. announced the extension of time charters with
Tesoro Maritime Company on two of its U.S.- flag double-hull tankers through
July 2010. Operated by the Company's marine transportation subsidiary,
Seabulk Tankers, the 46,000-ton Seabulk Arctic began her original Tesoro
charter in the summer of 2000, followed by her sister ship, the Seabulk
Pride, in the summer of 2001. The two state-of-the- art vessels provide
petroleum transport service for three refineries owned and operated by
Tesoro in Nikiski, Alaska on Cook Inlet; Anacortes, Washington on the Puget
Sound, and at Kapolei, Hawaii. L. Stephen Willrich, president of Seabulk
Tankers, noted that, "Seabulk's two double-hull vessels have performed well
for Tesoro and, by extending their time charters, we ensure continuing
reliable services that provide maximum safety and environmental protection
in sensitive Pacific coastal waters. With no age restriction under OPA 90,
our double-hulls present a tremendous advantage to customers." Gerhard E.
Kurz, chairman, president and chief executive officer of parent company
Seabulk International, added, "These contract extensions are part of
strategy of ensuring a reliable long-term source of future earnings. In line
with this approach, six of our tankers are currently employed under time
charters of a year or more, while a seventh is contracted out under a
bareboat charter to a major oil company through January 2012." 

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