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Coast Guard Conducts Waterways Study 

Posted 10/16/02 at 10:29:AM

The Coast Guard is conducting a Waterways Analysis and Management System
(WAMS) study of the waterways surrounding the San Juan Islands. This study
specifically encompasses the following waterways: Rosario Strait, Haro
Strait, Boundary Pass and the Strait of Georgia. WAMS focuses on the
waterway's aids to navigation system, waterborne commerce, marine casualty
information, port/harbor resources, emergency response plans, routine
emergency communication capabilities, and future development projects. 

California OSRO Rating Program 

Posted 10/16/02 at 10:26:AM

The California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) issued its
final rule on Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) Rating. Ship and
facility owners and operators required to submit California spill response
plans are required to identify and ensure the availability of spill response
capability. Plan holders who utilize a rated OSRO do not have to further
demonstrate their capability. An OSRO rated in accordance with the
regulations receives an OSRO Rating Letter from OSPR. 

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