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Engineer Pleads Guilty to Pollution Charge 
Posted 10/28/02 at 10:24:AM

Duk Jo Jeong, a first assistant engineer of a Toyota car carrier ship, pled
guilty to making a false statement to the United States Coast Guard
concerning the disposal of waste oil aboard the Cygnus. The Cygnus car
carrier ship which transported automobiles between Japan and the United
States. Jeong was immediately sentenced to two years of probation by Judge
Garr M. King; he will then be deported to Korea. Judge King noted that
Jeong, a Korean national, had already been involuntarily detained in
Portland for six months during the pendency of his case. As First Assistant
Engineer of the Cygnus, Jeong was responsible for overseeing all of the
operations of the engine room, including the disposal of waste oil. Under
MARPOL, the governing marine pollution treaty, ocean-going ships are
prohibited from dumping oil into the ocean, and are required to maintain an
oil record book which records all transfers, disposal, and discharge of oil
aboard the vessel. On April 10, 2002, U.S. government authorities, acting on
a tip from a former crew member, executed a search warrant aboard the
Cygnus. During the search, they found the flexible hose which the Cygnus'
crew used to bypass the oil/water separator, a device designed to prevent
the discharge of oil into the ocean. In addition, they found fresh paint on
the ship's overboard valve intended to conceal the fact that the bypass hose
had been disconnected and hidden before the Cygnus arrived in Portland. When
the overboard valve was dismantled during the search, it was found to be
contaminated with oil. Further, a diver inspecting Cygnus' hull found a long
streak of oil on the side of the ship behind the discharge hole. When First
Assistant Engineer Jeong was asked whether the bypass hose found on the
Cygnus was used to dump waste oil in the ocean, he replied, "No, no, I use
incinerator!" At the plea change hearing today, Jeong admitted that his
response was false, and that the engine room crew instead discharged waste
oil in the ocean. The Cygnus is a 623-foot car carrier owned by Feng Li
Maritime Corporation and operated by Fujitrans Corporation. The vessel was
under charter to ToyoFuji Shipping, Co., Ltd., a company jointly owned by
Toyota Motor Co., Toyota Shipping Co., Ltd., and Fujitrans Corporation. It
is used to transport Toyota and Lexus automobiles from Japan to the United
States. A co-defendant, Chief Engineer Pyeong Gab Jeong pled guilty on July
25, 2002, to making false entries in the oil record book of the Cygnus. The
investigation was conducted by the United States Coast Guard, the
Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the
Washington State Department of Ecology. The prosecution was conducted by the
United States Attorney's Office for the District of Oregon and the
Environmental Crimes Section of the United States Department of Justice. 

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