[scshadowbane] Update

  • From: Dan Healy <danhealy@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 09:22:37 -0700

Hey guys,

        We had quite an eventful night.  First off, our forge + hammersmith is 
up and running.  We currently have well over what's required for 
maintenance, but you need to keep gold in the strongbox so people can 
sell stuff to you.  IC members, you have the power to change anything 
with the smith, including adding money to the strongbox and junking 
items (so we get cash for them).  Please junk all of the non-magical 
stuff, and if the magical stuff is any good leave it in the inventory 
for awhile in case someone wants to buy it.  Also, please don't alter 
the profit sliders.  They must be set the way they are.  I am upgrading 
the building to R2 as we speak; once it reaches R3 we can place another 
hireling in there, probably Medium/Light Armor or Shields.  The end 
cost for that will be  467.75k per week, that's 1 R7 smith, 1 R1 smith, 
and a R3 building.  To rank it up that far, we'll need an additional 
1643.75k (over the span of 2 weeks or so).  Bear in mind that the 
Hammersmith raked in like 200k at least in 12 hours of operation.  The 
R7 smith would be an additional source of great income, as those smiths 
are generally not found elsewhere.

        Secondly, we went to war last night.  Apparently someone in Victory 
(City of Silver Tear, NorthEast portion of main continent) set up a 
Bane circle on the city of Eden (Vita Brevis, SE Main Continent).  The 
Iceland Alliance is allied with Vita Brevis, and when they called for 
an attack on Silver Tear, we answered with full force.  I have many 
screenshots of the siege and you can read about it on the Chaos 
Political forums.  Basically, we won.  We destroyed several buildings 
and a gate, and killed all of their members.  They are sure to 
retaliate, probably on Eden, and we will continue to support them.  It 
was GREAT fun!  I personally died a few times, twice because of extreme 
lag (Mac client doesn't handle siege very well), but I managed to kill 
at least 6 of Victory's members.  Was quite exhilarating, and I am sure 
that the battles to come will be just as exciting, so try to get online 
as much as you can today and this weekend!

        Finally, I would like to welcome the three people who contacted me 
from my flyering.  You should all be on this listserve, I hope.  If you 
are in game, please try to contact one of the following:


        Those are all the characters currently part of the Wolley Guls, so 
contact them and we'll get you a summons over to our city ;)  Have fun 


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