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  • From: Wayne Hendrickson <whendric@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 21:11:59 -0700

Nice bit of research Dan. I've been sleuthing and studying as well 
and came to the same conclusions. I think a Hammersmith shop is a 
great idea. I can pony up about 120k (I just used a bunch for 
training), but by the weekend I could contribute more.

Also, we have a new guild member, Nestor Bloodbanner (aka, Bart 
Bailey), a half-giant warrior who is going to become an absolutely 
wonderful tank. He's the friend I told you about from Crescent City.

Finally, I have a scout (brother of Tacitar - Tacitron Forestshadow) 
on the newbie island who is 20k shy of L21. I stopped hunting to try 
and locate Knellicon the Black on the western island...I really want 
that traveler rune for brother Tacitar!!!!

see you all later,

At 6:01 AM -0700 4/29/03, Dan Healy wrote:
>Hey Guys,
>       Been thinking about it a lot, and I've come to realize that now is the
>perfect time to build up a shop (or several) in Halcyon.  They need a
>bunch of trainers, and 5 different equipment smiths.  I believe that a
>hammersmith would be unendingly profitable, as there are many spawns
>nearby which drop expensive hammers.  The deal with shops is that a
>Rank 1 shop can hold one hireling, and a Rank 3 shop can hold 2.  A
>rank 7 shop can hold 3.  Upgrading a rank costs a nice chunk of cash,
>and it drastically increases the maintenance costs.  Also, hirelings
>must be upgraded to Rank 7 before they produce high quality goods.
>       The cost for a forge building is 500k.  Add on a hireling, total cost
>is 665k.  Subtract what my characters personally have in the bank...
>395k.  This is the amount we need.  How much do you guys have??
>       Maintenance for a R1 building and a R1 hireling is fairly low: 75k and
>27.5k, respectively.  Total is 102.5k per week.  I'm willing to bet
>(and that's exactly what i'll be doing) that a hammersmith is much more
>profitable than this.
>       The entire process of thinking about this has made it abundantly clear
>that maintaining a city is rarely a wonderful thing.  Making our own
>city is economically impossible with just the 5 of us, considering that
>making just one building with one shopkeeper in it is questionable. 
>But at the very least, I think we can pull it off, and down the road
>(when Halcyon gets huge and massive numbers of people are dropping
>their hammers in our pockets) it will benefit us greatly.  So it all
>comes down to you guys, how much do you have?  Reply to the listserve :)


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