[scshadowbane] Setting up shop

  • From: Dan Healy <danhealy@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 06:01:18 -0700

Hey Guys,

        Been thinking about it a lot, and I've come to realize that now is the 
perfect time to build up a shop (or several) in Halcyon.  They need a 
bunch of trainers, and 5 different equipment smiths.  I believe that a 
hammersmith would be unendingly profitable, as there are many spawns 
nearby which drop expensive hammers.  The deal with shops is that a 
Rank 1 shop can hold one hireling, and a Rank 3 shop can hold 2.  A 
rank 7 shop can hold 3.  Upgrading a rank costs a nice chunk of cash, 
and it drastically increases the maintenance costs.  Also, hirelings 
must be upgraded to Rank 7 before they produce high quality goods.

        The cost for a forge building is 500k.  Add on a hireling, total cost 
is 665k.  Subtract what my characters personally have in the bank... 
395k.  This is the amount we need.  How much do you guys have??

        Maintenance for a R1 building and a R1 hireling is fairly low: 75k and 
27.5k, respectively.  Total is 102.5k per week.  I'm willing to bet 
(and that's exactly what i'll be doing) that a hammersmith is much more 
profitable than this.

        The entire process of thinking about this has made it abundantly clear 
that maintaining a city is rarely a wonderful thing.  Making our own 
city is economically impossible with just the 5 of us, considering that 
making just one building with one shopkeeper in it is questionable.  
But at the very least, I think we can pull it off, and down the road 
(when Halcyon gets huge and massive numbers of people are dropping 
their hammers in our pockets) it will benefit us greatly.  So it all 
comes down to you guys, how much do you have?  Reply to the listserve :)


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