[scshadowbane] Re: New Characters

  • From: Wayne Hendrickson <whendric@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 19:36:56 -0700

Hi Jeff,

Sorry about the delay...I was not able to check email on this account 
over the holiday so I'm just picking it up (Tues). Thanks for the 
names. I'll look for you. The way people check to see if others are 
on is by going to the command window and and checking Info/who. It 
gives you various options...check by guild, class, level, etc. You 
simply check by name and type in one of our names:

Tacitar or Tacitron (me)
Ptolemy (Dan)
Bernie (David)
Nestor (Bart)

Everyone also have alts. I listed mine (Tacitron) but I don't 
remember spellings, etc., on the others. So, guys? If you read this, 
send your alt names to Jeff.

For my part, when I'm on I'll look to see if you're available and 
send you a tell, Jeff.

Take Care,

>hola- my main account name is Kesri, and my soon-to-be Fury's name is
>Jende Shen (with an accent on the 'e' in Shen).
>i havent had much chance to play lately..  i don't know how to find you
>guys when i am on, even with your names, so if you see me on just yell at
>me and jump up and down until i notice, or whatever it takes ;)
>i hope to be goinig to see the matrix2 in a few minutes, but when i get
>back from that i will try and log on.
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