[scshadowbane] Re: Latest News 5/7/03

  • From: Dan Healy <danhealy@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 02:07:58 -0700

Hey Jeff,

        I've spent more time planning my character (an aelfborn channeler) 
than anyone else in the guild.  I know the difference between what's 
really important and what you can ignore for the most part.  The main 
thing is, the most difficult process in character creation happens 
before you even log in.  You really need to plan out your character, up 
to it's old age, well in advance.  There are two reasons for this.  
One, every 10 levels you get 1 less ability point per level (eg, you 
don't get any for level 60).  Secondly, again at level 60, you stop 
getting training points.  This means it's extremely difficult to change 
your character once you've already stuck with it through all the levels.

        I really encourage you to come by my room some day, Porter B 435.  I 
have the strategy guide Wayne was talking about and I can let you 
borrow it.  Also, I can help you plan out your points a bit, and 
explain some stuff to ya.  It's nice to hear from you, and I hope to 
talk to you soon.


On Friday, May 9, 2003, at 07:54  PM, Jeff Blanding wrote:

> hello everyone! good news - i just bought shadowbane! so, i will try 
> and
> install it and get it working here in the next hour or so.
> one question i have, of many, is how does the billing/credit card thing
> work? it comes with a free month or something right? do i have to give 
> a
> credit card even to use that? just to get started in other words?
> down to real business - recommendations? i am leaning toward a caster, 
> but
> something tempermental and interesting. i was considering an Aelfborn
> Mage/Fury (female obviously), but i noticed in the rule book it says
> Aelfborn have lower Spirit and lhat seems kinda critical for a
> Mage/Fury... though i wouldn't want to let That sway my decision ;)
> i also thought an Aelfborn Warlock (male) would be fun.
> is there a need for something in particular within the group? or 
> something
> you would recommend for me given the above?
> also, what areas and guild joining things do i need to do? can i do 
> that
> stuff later on, or do i have to do it when i start?
> thanks! ;)  sorry for all the questions. i will let you know my name on
> there and what i picked...
> -jeff
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