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  • From: Wayne Hendrickson <whendric@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 21:42:30 -0700

Hi Jeff and welcome!

I don't know if Dan or David have replied, but I'll pool my ignorance 
with you for a while! First of all, did you get a manual (it's an 
additional $20), because it was rather helpful even though parts of 
it are already dated.

I decided on a wizard for my main character, so it was obvious that 
an Elf would be ideal (because of high intelligence and spirit). In 
role-play mode the elves are aloof and taciturn. In contrast, the 
Aelfborn are emotionally mercurial and, thus, quite fun for those who 
choose to role-play them. For what it's worth, the Aelfborn casters I 
know who are at higher levels don't seem to have mana shortages. So, 
I guess what I'm saying is that while for the first twenty levels or 
so you might be a little frustrated by mana shortages, I think it 
will not be a problem at the higher levels. Also, keep in mind that 
all the characters are frustrated at the lower levels for one reason 
or another. The game is designed to force teamwork early on which 
becomes critical in later pvp conflicts. Another thing to remember is 
you can always create another character. Alot of us ditched our first 
characters because we didn't train them properly...it's really no big 
deal because second time around you know the ropes. I say go with 
what appeals to you and it will work well with the group!

Billing issues? I suppose you've already gotten your answers about 
that. Email me if it's still unclear to you.

For the first twenty levels you should choose to be associated with 
one of the towns or hamlets on what is called "newbie island". The 
two main cities are Silverthorn and Kingsbridge, and I think it's 
better for you to begin there and join our guild after you hit L20. 
By doing that you are forced to learn your character's unique 
abilities. If you immediately join with us there is a danger of 
leveling without an intuitive ability of your character's 
capabilities...and in pvp things happen so fast you need to respond 
to attacks instinctively.

One of the other nice things about newbie island is that there is no 
pvp. It gives you an opportunity to learn the game. Apart from 
learning your character you'll need to learn how to use the 
communications channels, trading commands, binding to ToLs, etc. So, 
without the pvp you are able to learn basics without being killed all 
the time! When I was bumped out of newbie island (everyone who hits 
L21 are forced off the island) I ended up in some God-forsaken area, 
and I can't remember how many times I was killed by higher-level 

A critical thing to concern yourself with  (besides the race and base 
class (in your case, mage) is profession. You're looking at 
Fury...nice! There are a number of disciplines available to furies: 
Black Mask, Enchanter, Rune Caster, Summoner, Traveller, and Undead 
Hunter. However, my wizard is currently L47 and I still haven't 
chosen a discipline! We casters are probably wise to choose 
disciplines that will be helpful in pvp mode. For example, I'm trying 
to get a Traveller Rune, so I can enable myself and my guildmates to 
travel around the islands without need of summons.

The thing casters have to remember is that there are so many spells 
it's too easy to spend training points on alot and become "gimped". I 
say, have a long-view and research what spells will eventually be 
most useful when you're level 40-50 and beyond. Even if you're a bit 
weak at the early levels, the guild will look out for you and assist 
you in leveling (you'll be amazed how fast the guild can level you 
between 20-40). So, it's not always a bad idea to save training 
points until you're certain what you want. I say develop one primary 
single target offensive spell (talk with high level furies while on 
newbie island and see what they recommend-sometimes you have to burn 
a few points on a lower level spell to carry you along until you 
reach a level where the preferred spell is available). Also, develop 
a powerful DoT spell. Finally, develop a spell that helps the group. 
I can speed mana regen rates for guildmates and astral-tether (beam a 
group back to ToL), healers can, well, heal! I think furies can cast 
a barbarian frenzy on their group, and can also blind targets like 
assassins (a useful ability).

When you reach L10 on Newbie Island you'll have to choose Fury or 
whatever, and you'll get a window saying you can't level further 
until you choose. After that it's all about learning and training. 
When I reached L20 with my Scout (who is still only about L24, for 
lack of playing time) I contacted Guildmates from Wolley Guls who 
summoned me to the city where our guild is located - Halcyon - and I 
was immediately guilded and bound to the ToL (btw, ToL stands for 
Tree of Life, where you'll spawn when you log on, or after you die). 
Afer that we'll all be there to help you, andnd alot of the fun of 
this game is helping guildmates and protecting one-another.

I hope this was helpful. If others offered advice weigh it and decide 
what works for you.

Welcome aboard!

Tacitar Moonshadow  [aka, Wayne ;-)]
Legion of Wolley guls
City of Halcyon
Chaos Server

At 7:54 PM -0700 5/9/03, Jeff Blanding wrote:
>hello everyone! good news - i just bought shadowbane! so, i will try and
>install it and get it working here in the next hour or so.
>one question i have, of many, is how does the billing/credit card thing
>work? it comes with a free month or something right? do i have to give a
>credit card even to use that? just to get started in other words?
>down to real business - recommendations? i am leaning toward a caster, but
>something tempermental and interesting. i was considering an Aelfborn
>Mage/Fury (female obviously), but i noticed in the rule book it says
>Aelfborn have lower Spirit and lhat seems kinda critical for a
>Mage/Fury... though i wouldn't want to let That sway my decision ;)
>i also thought an Aelfborn Warlock (male) would be fun.
>is there a need for something in particular within the group? or something
>you would recommend for me given the above?
>also, what areas and guild joining things do i need to do? can i do that
>stuff later on, or do i have to do it when i start?
>thanks! ;)  sorry for all the questions. i will let you know my name on
>there and what i picked...
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