[scshadowbane] Re: Latest News 5/7/03

  • From: Nesan Waran <nesan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 08:39:47 -0700

Hey guys,
    Wayne, I never heard back from Jeff. In fact, not really playing 
shadowbane much lately. I've been enthralled in a game called Earth & 
Beyond. Currently, my character on the Chaos server is a lvl 12 (maybe 
higher, it's been a while) mino warrior.
    Jeff, if you get this and want to meet, send me the times you're 
usually online and I'll meet you.. My mino warrior's name is Fairhand. I 
also have a character that I want to go elf/rogue/ranger/bladeweaver, 
his name is Sceban. anyway, hope to see you online.


Wayne Hendrickson wrote:

>Hi Nesan,
>I haven't Heard from you in a while and I was wondering how your 
>character is coming along. As soon as you can get over to the Ice 
>Island as quickly as you can, as there is an almost continual battle 
>between the forces of the Chaos Lord, Morloch (with whom we are 
>allied), and the rest of the server. It's quite fun! I look forward 
>to hearing from you,
>Wayne (Tacitar)

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