[scshadowbane] Latest News 5/7/03

  • From: Dan Healy <danhealy@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 01:07:48 -0700

Hey guys!!

        I'll start out this update with the news of our forge.  Some of you 
may know that our forge now contains a Medium Armorer, as well as the 
hammer smith.  This MA will be ranked up to R7 so it can produce some 
really nice race/class specific armor.  Medium Armor is the least 
common of all armor, and therefore the least commonly ranked up 
armorer.  Once we get it to R7, I have no doubt that people will flock 
to our town to shop.  Until then, it will cost a fair amount to upgrade 
it and pay for maintenance.  Speaking of maintenance, today was when it 
was due for the week.  The ~300k we paid hardly dented the funds 
currently allocated to the building.  I think we will have no financial 
troubles keeping it maintained, and it has proved to be a very 
profitable decision to create the hammer smith.

        Politically, the server is extremely dynamic.  Last night, I went to 
bed thinking that Victory (500 people) and Warrior Nation (600?+++?) 
would become allies.  Today, they are at war.  Victory is outnumbered, 
outmatched, poorly equipped and trained.  Warrior Nation has begun the 
siege of their town, Silver Tear.  Everyone expects WN to win the 
battle.  The question here is, what would the Iceland Alliance's part 
be in it all?  For tonight, we remain neutral.  We may or may not join 
in against Victory at a later date.  I believe some other guilds are 
involved here, but I have not heard any solid reports on that.

        If possible, you should ALL be online tomorrow!  Besides the war, 
there is a scheduled event hosted by some Featured Characters (FC's), 
including the Lord of Chaos (perhaps?).  His coming was heralded by 
some tough looking dudes yesterday.  The heralds forced all of the 
guilds to choose between aiding the Chaos Lord, or facing his wrath.  
Tragedy Revealed (our parent guild) and The Hateful Ones are definitely 
siding with the Chaos lord, but most of the other guilds on the server 
(incl WN & Victory) have decided to fight against him.  I have no idea 
how this will play out, other than it will be great fun :)

        Finally, this goes out to our prospective new members:  Get in touch 
with me!!!  You (and everyone else reading this) are authorized to post 
to this list serve, just email scshadowbane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx .  
Alternatively, email me directly at danhealy@xxxxxxxx .  I really want 
to hear from all of you about your current status with the game, 
especially if you are definitely interested in getting active in our 
guild.  I invite you all to give me a call, 502-2331, email, use AIM:  
EschersStaircase , or stop by:  Porter B 435.  I really would like to 
get you guys involved :)

        Ok, that's mostly it for now.. Talk to you all soon.
--Dan / Ptolemy

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