Virginia Creeper Camping Trip

  • From: "John Maynard" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 22:26:00 -0400

We have a very exciting trip planned this weekend to the Virginia Creeper
bike trail in Damascus and below are the


See our webpage for photos from the last trip


Attached is the Permission Form.  Please sign and return to me or bring on


Departure: Friday at 4:30 from the scout hut


Cost: $30 for bike rental and gas (check to Troop 17), $20  cash to cover
dinner on Friday night and Sunday lunch (don't bring a sub)


Items to pack: (2) one liter water bottles (Nalgene), small daypack or
string bag, rain gear, other normal camping supplies 



1.      Charlie Sartin

2.      McEwin Sartin

3.      Hunter Abner

4.      Van White

5.      Will Watt

6.      Jack Watt

7.      Jacob Stewart

8.      Sean Martz

9.      Christian Maynard

10.  Clay Sommer

11.  Charlie McDaniel

12.  Will Vickers

13.  Scotty Grant

14.  Zach Jepko

15.  Will Burton

16.  Nick Williams

17.  Declan Ford

18.  Davis Budd

19.  Ellis Moser

20.  John Ange Kernodle

21.  Donald Kernodle

22.  Sam Collins

23.  Dallas Tucker




1.      Hal Bates

2.      John Maynard/ driver

3.      Wes Sartin/ driver

4.      Rob Martz/ driver

5.      Matt Watt/ driver

6.      Gene Stewart/ driver

7.      Jim Burton/ driver

8.      Rob Jepko/ driver







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