Update on 5th Annual Troop 17 sailing trip/Regatta

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 08:26:34 -0400


Hard to believe that this is our 5th sailing trip with the Sinse' and it
is one of the best trips that we go on each year. All the details are in
Rusty's email below and please let me know of any scout additions or


*         Departure time: 4:30 

*         Cost: $50

*         Meals: Friday dinner, Saturday meals all covered

*         Sunday: Additional money for biscuit on the way home

*         Arrival time: shortly after lunch on Sunday



1.     Jacob Stewart

2.     Declan Ford

3.     John Coble

4.     Zack Dupree

5.     Charlie Sartin

6.     Van White

7.     Bobby McQueen

8.     Davis Kernodle

9.     Sam Collins

10.  Will Watt

11.  George Ellington

12.  Michael Steed

13.  Ryan Steed

14.  Nick Williams

15.  Simon Lanzoni

16.  Jack Watt

17.  Watson Lander

18.  Clay Sommer

19.  Dallas Tucker

20.  KJ Wells

21.  Luc Stadler

22.  Harrison Stewart


1.     Hal Bates

2.     John Maynard

3.     Gene Stewart

4.     Mike Ford

5.     Chad Coble

6.     Jimmy Dupree

7.     Wes Sartin

8.     Dan White

9.     Chap McQueen

10.  Bob Kernodle

11.  Wes Collins

12.  Derek Steed


Ahoy Troop 17,


The 5th Annual Troop 17 sailing trip/Regatta is rapidly approaching.


Please respond to me by October, 9th so I can get a head count for food
and boats.    rhuffine@xxxxxxxxxxx  All DADS ARE



We will be leaving the Scout Hut at 4:30 PM Friday October 21th.  We
will travel to Oriental NC. We will be stopping at King's in Kinston at
about 7:00 for supper. We'll travel on to our camp site, set up camp and
be ready for Sat AM.


Sat AM we'll go to Brantley's for the breakfast buffet (GOOD EATS).
We'll come back to the marina get on our boats and begin the 5th annual
Troop 17 regatta.

We'll sail/race till lunch, Stop, raft up together , swim, play,
explore, EAT LUNCH, and in general have lots of fun. We'll then board
our vessels and race the 2nd leg of our regatta back to the marina. 

Sat. evening we'll have the buffet at Brantley's and return to our camp
for campfire and camping stuff.


Sunday morning, we'll , pack up, have Devotions eat breakfast at Hardees
and be on our way back to Burlington. We should be back early afternoon
but, if we're having fun and want to explore it may be a little later in
the afternoon.


As always SAFETY is our first concern. While on the water ALL scouts
will be REQUIRED to wear PFDs (Life Jackets) and scouts are welcome to
bring their own PFD"S. This is NOT negotiable. Parents please be
advised, we will go over all safety details before going on the water.
Our scouts are becoming responsible young men that are able to follow
guidelines and determine right from wrong. Should there be any
deliberate violation of safety rules, or any disrespectful behavior, you
will be called to come get your child and take him home. (It is a
3hr15min drive to Oriental NC from Burlington) 


Our next concern is MANNERS AND GOOD BEHAVIOR.  All of the captains
generously donate their time and their boats so that we can have a great
day on the water. We hope to have all of our captains returning from
last year-Captains Alexander, Cary, Gordon and King. Last year, most of
our scouts behaved and performed in a manner that made me very proud to
be a part of Troop 17.  We get many compliments about how mannerly and
well behaved Troop 17 is.....In fact we were invited back by Brantley's
and the Marina/ Campground. We will be back at -WHITAKER POINT MARINA.

We plan on continuing this tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am estimating the cost of the trip to be about $50.00 per person. I am
going to negotiate group rates for our group when I know how many total
people we will have.



-Swim Suit







-Change of clothes

-Rain gear

-Water Bottle

-Sleep System


-Soft soled NON-MARKING shoes ie deck shoes or something similar. Crocs,
white soled tennis shoes. Gum soled shoes etc.It is respectful to try to
keep any shoe marks off

Of the boats.

-Fishing Gear - OPTIONAL--We will be camped at a marina that allows
fishing and has fish


DADS will be responsible for BUGSPRAY.



We are going to be there at a great time of the year. With any luck the
weather will be perfect and the bugs will be non existent.


Oriental and Eastern NC has just experienced a devastating hurricane
IRENE.  As of right now that is not affecting our plans for a great


This trip is very weather dependant. If the weather is going to be nasty
WE WILL NOT GO!!!!!   ( We'll be checking Weather Bug) 


"Gentlemen don't sail to weather."


We look forward to a great trip!


Again Please let me know if you are going by October, 9th.


Fair winds and tight sails,


Rusty Huffines aka...Sinse'


Cell: 260-8461









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