Troop 17 Ski/Boarding Permission/Registration

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Hi Folks, in addition to getting information & payment to Hal, please click
the link to the "Online Form
i1aNG43bW5taEU4WVE6MQ#gid=5> " in order to complete the
registration/permission form.  This is a requirement by BSA and would
appreciate this as soon as possible.


Online Registration Form


Thank you.


John Maynard


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Subject: 2012 Troop 17 Ski/Boarding Trip


We are getting ready for our 5th annual ski trip and thanks to everyone that
has already paid. If you are not on the list and want to go skiing or
boarding with us, please email Chad Coble at finance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and
send a check to me made payable to "Troop 17" by next Friday, December 16,
2011, my address is below. We have to pay for this trip in advance and want
to make sure everyone that wants to attend will be able to go skiing with
us. A list of who is going is below.


Should you have any questions, please let us know.


Hal Bates
Scoutmaster - Troop 17
2204 Teal Court
Burlington, NC 27215
HM: 336.585.1962
WK: 336.586.1325
MB: 336.269.2215






From: Chad Coble [mailto:finance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 12:02 PM
To: Bates, Hal
Cc: 'John Maynard'
Subject: Ski Trip 2012 Roster


Ski Trip 2012

Jan 6 (4:30pm) - Jan 7 (late)

Skiing = $120

Boarding = $140

Sleep Only = $40

Does NOT include food for Fri & Sat dinners.


Current Roster:

Hal Bates(8) - Pd.

Walker Beck - Pd.

Jim  Burton - Pd.

Will Burton - Pd.

Declan Ford - Pd.

Watson Lander - Pd.

Luc Stadler - Pd.

Shane Stadler(4) - Pd.

Jacob Stewart - Pd.

Dallas Tucker - Pd.

George Ellington - Dep.

Jack Ellington - Dep.

John Coble

Chad Coble(6)

Luke Huffines

Rusty Huffines(5)

Sean Martz

Bobby McQueen

Charlie Sartin

Ryan Steed

Rob Martz(maybe?)

John Maynard(maybe?)

Jack Watt(maybe?)

Will Watt(maybe?)


Boarders are red/ Sleepers are blue. (Driver's seatbelts)


-Chad Coble

BSA Troop 17





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