Troop 17 Communication Merit Badge kickoff

  • From: "John Maynard" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 19:30:44 -0500

Hello Folks, please find attached an email from Dan White who will be
counseling our troop over the next coming weeks in an important, Eagle
Required merit badge. 


Please remind the scouts to be prepared with:

1)    Pen/Pencil

2)   Extra paper

3)   Scout Handbook

4)   Water Bottle

5)   Requested Merit Badge workbook or materials


Communications Merit Badge Workbook
sid=78F2CA079EEB0929%214765>  (click on link)


John Maynard


From: Dan White [mailto:danwhite63@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 4:40 PM
To: john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Troop 17 Communication Merit Badge kickoff



1.  Please remind the boys to print, review and bring a copy of the
Commications Merit Badge Workbook with them for tomorrow night's meeting.


2.  During the January 24th meeting, I will do an overview presentation of
the topic, including a review of "a typical commication day for myself" and
how I communicate on a daily basis via different media (verbally in person
or by phone, email, text, etc) and on different levels (business-wise,
personally with co-workers, friends and family, etc.)


3.  I will review the Merit Badge Workbook and task the boys with completion
of 1 item in Section 1 for discussion at the next meeting, scheduled for
Tuesday, February 14th.


At the February 14th meeting, we will assign the remaining activities to be
completed for Merit Badge qualification.





Dan White

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