T17 - Personal Fitness Merit Badge

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Hi folks, we don't let grass grow under our feet!  Please see below the
schedule from our Merit Badge Counselor, Tee Lander, discussing the schedule
of our next Eagle Required merit badge.  These classes provide a great
opportunity for your scout to succeed on their "Trail to Eagle".  Please
click on this link, Personal Fitness Workbook
!/view.aspx?cid=78F2CA079EEB0929&resid=78F2CA079EEB0929%214767>  and
download a copy of the Workbook in order to better track the requirements.


For Tracking Progress going forward:  Personal Fitness Progress Checklist


Thank you and thanks to Tee Lander and Matt Sommer!


John Maynard


From: Tee Lander [mailto:tlander@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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To: John Maynard
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Subject: Personal Fitness Merit Badge




The scouts have the opportunity to work on an Eagle required merit badge,
Personal Fitness, during several of the next troop meetings in March and
April.  Here is an outline of the upcoming meetings where we will be
covering the various requirements for the merit badge.


March 6:  Requirements 4, 5 & 9 will be covered at the meeting.  Matt Sommer
will be leading the discussion that evening.  They will be assigned homework
(read pages 15-27 in the personal fitness merit badge booklet) in
preparation for the March 13 meeting.


March 13: Requirement 1 will be covered at the meeting.  Dr. Kenneth
Ellington will be leading the discussion that evening. They will be assigned
homework to complete requirements 2 and 3 in the merit badge booklet-
written answers for requirement 2 and prepared to discuss requirement 3 for
the March 27 meeting.


March 27: Requirements 2 & 3 will be reviewed by merit badge counselors;
We will begin discussions on how to complete requirement 7 (outlining a 12
week fitness plan) ;  They will need to bring outline of 12 week plan to Apr
24 meeting.


April 24: Requirement 6 ;  Boys will need to wear appropriate running attire
to complete : Mile Run, Flexibility Test (Sit & Reach), Strength Test (Sit
ups, Pull ups & Push ups), and Body Composition Baseline Measurements.  We
will likely be meeting at the City Park to complete this requirement. Once
they have completed this requirement, they will be able to begin their 12
week fitness program.


I look forward to working with the boys on this merit badge.


Tee Lander

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