RE: T17 Backpacking Trip - McAfee Knob

  • From: "John Maynard" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 12:24:02 -0500

We are trying to get a final count and plan the trip this weekend.  If you
or your scout plans to attend the trip to McAfee Knob, please register by
this evening (Registration
i1aNG43bW5taEU4WVE6MQ#gid=5> & Permission Form) so we can have a final
planning count.  Tonight, we will be working on backpacking and cold weather
skills and need all participants, present at the meeting.


            Bates              Hal

            Lander            Tee

            Maynard         John   

            Steed              Derek  

Adult Total                4


            Beck                Walker           

            Lander            Watson           

            Sommer          Clayton           

            Steed              Michael           


Scout Total               5

Grand Total               9


Thank you for your prompt attention. 


**Journalism Merit badge:  Please bring any and all homework to turn in this



John Maynard


From: John Maynard [mailto:John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: T17 Backpacking Trip - McAfee Knob


Hello folks, it's time to climb another mountain.  We will be backpacking
next Friday Nov. 11-13.  Our schedule showed a "coastal" hike that has been
postponed due to the hurricane damage to the trails in that area.  We are
now planning a Virginia Mountain hike to McAfee Knob on the Appalachian
Trail <>
(click for more info).  This hike is listed as the most "photographed"
section of the AT.


Date: Friday November 11-13

Leave: 4:30p  from the Scout Hut

Return: 2p +/- Sunday 13th

Cost:  TBD (most likely gas $ + food on the road)

Register: Registration
i1aNG43bW5taEU4WVE6MQ#gid=5> & Permission Form (Online Form)


We are now using a new "Online" Registration system (Scouts & Adults) which
also doubles as the Permission Form for the scouts.  This is important for
the Adults as well as Scout registration.  This produces a report that we
will use for our trip planning so please register early so we don't miss
anyone, by clicking this link: Registration
i1aNG43bW5taEU4WVE6MQ#gid=5> & Permission Form.


As always and is most important for "High Adventure" trips, we will be
covering all details during the meeting prior to the trip (next Tuesday) so
we need all scouts present (ready to take notes).  We will be covering meal
prep and seeing a Backpack demonstration and "shakedown".  Any participating
dads will greatly benefit as well.


If you are not on the registration list, we will assume you are not on the
trip.  We do not need to know if you are not attending.  This helps reduce


Thanks and we look forward to next weekend.  See you Tuesday!


John Maynard


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