SPL Meeting Tuesday Night 7pm - 8pm

  • From: "John Maynard" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 20:32:54 -0500

Hello Troop 17 

As is our normal policy, the Tuesday night following a camping trip, we have
our monthly Senior Patrol Meeting.  It is important that this meeting is
attended by all of our Troop leadership.  This is not a regular troop
meeting and all other scouts will not need to attend.  The SPL Meeting is
where Troop Business is planned and is held to 1 hour.


Our next Regular Meeting will be Tuesday, January 18th.  We will be working
on the Cooking Merit Badge.


Below is a list of our new leadership for Troop 17.  


Senior Troop Positions

Moser, Ellis Senior Patrol Ldr

Ellington, George Asst SPL

Jepko, Zachary Senior Scribe

Schmitt, George Quartermaster


Coyote Patrol

Martz, Sean Troop Guide

Sartin, Charlie Patrol Leader

Butler, Grayson Asst Patrol Ldr 

Wells, KJ Scribe


Raccoon Patrol

Beck, Walker Patrol Leader

Wallis, Robert Asst Patrol Ldr

Saurage, Evan Chaplain Aide


Border Patrol

Tucker, Dallas Patrol Leader

Watt, Jack Chaplain Aide

Williams, Nicholas Scribe


Pansy Patrol

Kernodle, John Ange Patrol Leader

McDonald, Lane Asst Patrol Ldr

McDaniel, Charlie Chaplain Aide

Grant, Scott Scribe


One Patrol

Sommer, Clay Patrol Leader

Steed, Ryan Asst Patrol Ldr

Lander, Watson Chaplain Aide

Watt, Will Scribe


Thank you.

Yours in Scouting


John Maynard


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