Re-Charter Payment Reminder

  • From: "Bates, Hal" <HBates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:27:39 -0500

I still need to receive re-charter payments for the list below by
Tuesday, so I can re-charter Troop 17. 


Details are attached and below:  IF YOUR SON DOES NOT PLAN TO RECHARTER


1.       Hunter Abner

2.       Burke Allred

3.       Nathaniel Atkinson

4.       Nathan Butler

5.       Austin Desern

6.       William Desern

7.       Zeke Janicello

8.       AJ Nwoko

9.       Promise Nwoko

10.   McEwin Sartin

11.   George Schmitt

12.   Tyler Schomburg

13.   Clay Sommer

14.   Dallas Tucker

15.   Will Vickers

16.   Jack  Watt

17.   Trey Weston



Troop 17 - B.S.A.

Burlington, North Carolina



Parents, Scouts, and Scouters:

Greetings and Happy Holidays!  It is time to recharter for 2010.  The
Troop recharter fees are as follows:


Each Boy Scout                                  Registration
$ 15.00

Insurance                                 1.00

Boy's Life                                12.00 (for all boys)

Trip Fees, etc.                    107.00

                Total Now Due


Each Adult Troop Committee Member

(Lewis, Maynard, Weston, Huffines, Schiller, Carmen, Bell, Holland (2),
Knight, Lindley, Roberts, Scott, etc.)


A portion of the $135.00 you will be paying will go to defray the annual
cost of automotive insurance and upkeep for our new donated Suburban
from Jeff Holland and a blanket liability policy for Bob Lewis.  The
Suburban is registered in Bob's name.  Insurance was astronomical when
it was registered in the name of the Troop, so we have structured the
expenses in this manner.  Rank and merit badge advancement has become
rather expensive and we try to include this cost along with camping trip
expenses for the year.  We may be contacting you from time to time when
we make trips outside of our normal budget (skiing, biking, etc.).  Our
troop thanks you for your financial commitment to the Boy Scouts of
America and to Troop 17.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have
questions regarding the financial aspects of Troop 17's operation.


Please pay the above fees as soon as possible, but no later than January
19, 2010.  Please make check payable to Troop 17 and send them via your
Scouts to a Tuesday meeting or by mail to - Hal Bates, 2204 Teal Court,
Burlington, North Carolina   27215.


One final note to Senior Scouts.  You must recharter in order to
participate in any Scout Trips this spring or if you plan to do a High
Adventure Program this summer.  You must be registered and be under the
B.S.A. Insurance in order to participate.  

You must also be registered to finish your Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Hal Bates
Scoutmaster - Troop 17 <> 
2204 Teal Court
Burlington, NC 27215
HM: 336.585.1962
WK: 336.586.1325
MB: 336.269.2215


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