Popcorn Fundraiser

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Hi Everyone,

The last spot is filled for the show and sell at Lowes Home Improvement.
Thanks so much to the scouts and parents who are helping.  I'll send out
a reminder to those helping next week.




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        Hi Troop 17 Parents,

        I handed out the Trails End popcorn brochures, order forms and
instruction sheet at Tues. night's Scout meeting.  I asked everyone to
please try to sell popcorn this year (asking at least 10 neighbors or
friends would be a great goal) and reminded them that the money Troop 17
earns helps to keep their trip costs down.  This is the only Troop 17
fundraiser.  Again this year, the boys can earn a $35.00 cash bonus from
the Troop for being a top ten seller.  Last year the highest top ten
seller sold $1384.00 and the 10th highest seller was around $270.00,
just to give you an idea.  In addition, Trail's End incentives are
listed in the brochure and they are mainly Walmart or Amazon.com gift
cards.  October 1st is the official start of the BSA popcorn fundraiser
in Alamance County so the boys need to wait until Sat. Oct. 1st to sell
door to door. The order forms and money need to be turned in on Tues.
Oct 25th. 


        Please keep in mind that they can also sell online through the
Trails End website and I included instructions on how to do that.  It is
very easy to do, another way to add to their sales, and a good way to
reach out to family or friends in other cities across the country.  They
may start selling online now.  These are a few interesting statistics
that I mentioned to the boys:

        *80% of households are not asked to buy popcorn.

        *70% of households will make a purchase if they are asked.

        *90% of those that made a purchase last year will buy again this


        Finally, I do still some help with the Show and Sell on Sun.
Oct. 2nd at LHI.  These are the shifts and who is on the schedule so

        12 to 2

        Parents: Bob Kernodle and Chap McQueen

        Scouts: John Coble, Davis Kernodle, John Ange Kernodle, and
Bobby McQueen

        2 to 4

        Parents:  Becky Dupree and Gade Lander

        Scouts: Zach Dupree, Watson Lander, Scotty Grant

        4 to 6

        Parents:  Shannon Beck

        Scouts: George Ellington, Jack Watt, Will Watt, Walker Beck


        So, one more boy is needed for the 2 to 4 shift and one more
parent from 4 to 6.  If you have any questions you may call me at
585-0499 or my email is sbeck15@xxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:sbeck15@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  . 


        Thanks in advance for supporting this fundraiser!

        Shannon Beck




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