Personal Management Merit Badge Update #2

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From: Fairfax Reynolds [mailto:fairfax.reynolds@xxxxxxxxx] 
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To: Bates, Hal
Subject: Personal Management Merit Badge


I wanted to give you an update on your son's progress toward the
Personal Management Merit Badge. On Tuesday night we covered
requirements #4, #5 and #6. Your son should have completed those
sections in his Merit Badge Workbook during the class. At home he should
be continuing to keep his 13 week record of income and expenses and
should have completed a budget for those 13 weeks to compare to his
actual results. The budget and tracking form is in the Workbook under
requirement #3.


We will complete requirements #7 and #9 in class next week.


During this week the scouts each need to:

1. For requirement #8, they need to keep a 7 day record of where they
spent their time each day recording the time spent in each activity as
well as the time they woke up and went to bed. They will be required to
go over this with a merit badge counselor to help them understand the
value of time management.


2. For requirement #10 they need to research a career in which they have
an interest and bring their research to class next Tuesday night. For
that career they need to know education requirements, skills needed,
experience and licensing requirements, and income expectations. 


If you or your scout have any questions please let me know.


Fairfax Reynolds

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