Personal Management Merit Badge Update

  • From: "Bates, Hal" <bateh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 11:15:48 -0400

Message from Fairfax Reynolds:

From: Fairfax Reynolds <freynolds1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Date: October 28, 2009 12:14:44 PM EDT

Subject: Personal Management Merit Badge 

Attached is the Troop 17 roster along with the worksheet I am using to
track each boy's progress on the Personal Management merit badge. Please
note that some of the requirements will be completed during the three
class sessions. Some will need to be completed by the scouts outside the
sessions as well.

The most difficult requirement is the preparation of an income and
expense budget covering the months of November through February followed
by actual income and expense tracking during that period to compare to
budget. Worksheets are included in the Merit Badge Workbook to use for
this requirement. It will take some oversight by parents to help prepare
the budget and keep the scouts focused on this task for three months. If
your son does not currently have control of any money on a weekly basis
through handling his own lunch money and an allowance or earnings from
chores, you might want to consider that during the next three months to
make this experience more meaningful.

At next week's meeting we will discuss time management and they will be
asked to track the use of their time on a daily basis for one week. A
worksheet is included for that in the Workbook so when they return from
scouts next Tuesday you may want to post that somewhere conspicuous to
help remind them to record their activities and bring it to class on the

I enjoyed the time spent last night with the troop and look forward to
helping them successfully complete this eagle required merit badge. Feel
free to contact me f you have any questions.

Fairfax Reynolds


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