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WOW, what an exciting camping trip. The boys participated in a various
search and rescue operations which were set up to look like real events.
Star Jones, Hollywood makeup artist, who is an Eagle scout volunteered
his time to make some realistic first aid opportunities on several of
the scouts. Remember this when you view John's photos that all the blood
is fake. Also, the boys took the opportunity to pass off several
advancements to move forward in their ranks. Which made for a worthwhile
weekend in the rain.


THIS TUESDAY is our PLC (Patrol Leader's Council) where our Senior
Patrol leader works with our leadership group to plan our upcoming


We will start promptly at 7:00 and end promptly at 8:00!


I have included a list of our current leadership group. All patrol,
assistant patrol leaders are REQUIRED to attend to earn their
leadership. Meeting is optional for scribes and chaplain aids.


Leadership Positions                                        


Name                          Current Rank   Date of Rank  Leadership
Pos #1   Lead Pos #1 Date    


Abner, Hunter                 Life           05/17/09

Alston, Caleb

Atkinson, Nathaniel           Life           03/02/11      Junior Asst
SM      05/22/11            

Beck, Walker                  Tenderfoot     02/20/11      Chaplain Aide

Budd, Davis                   Life           05/17/09

Burton, William               2nd Class      08/24/11      Scribe

Butler, Grayson               Tenderfoot     09/25/11      Patrol Leader

Butler, Nathan                Life           05/17/09

Chrismon, Matthew             Scout          02/20/11      Asst Patrol
Ldr     05/22/11            

Coble, John                   Scout          06/07/11

Collins, Sam                  1st Class      02/20/11      Patrol Leader

Dupree, Zack                  Scout          02/20/11

Ellington, George             1st Class      06/01/11      Asst Patrol
Ldr     01/04/11            

Ellington, Jack               Life           11/23/09

Ford, Declan                  1st Class      05/30/11

Grant, Scott                  Scout          10/15/10      Scribe

Hawks, Davis                  Life           08/25/09

Hicks, Cooper                 Tenderfoot     05/30/11      Scribe

Huffines, Luke                Life           07/14/09

Jepko, Zachary                Tenderfoot     12/08/10      Scribe

Kernodle, Davis

Kernodle, John Ange           Star           05/18/11      Patrol Leader

Lander, Watson                Tenderfoot     05/23/11      Chaplain Aide

Lanzoni, Simon

Long, J-Man                   Scout          02/20/11

Martz, Sean                   Life           06/03/09      Chaplain Aide

Maynard, Christian            Eagle          09/12/11

McDaniel, Charlie             Life           12/15/09      Chaplain Aide

McDonald, Lane                Scout          10/15/10      Scribe

McQueen, Bobby

Moser, Ellis                  Life           07/25/11

Nwoko, AJ                     Eagle          03/14/11

Nwoko, Promise                Tenderfoot     10/15/10      Librarian

Sartin, Charlie               Scout          02/20/11      Chaplain Aide

Sartin, McEwin                Life           12/09/09

Sommer, Clay                  Star           05/31/11      Asst SPL

Stadler, Luc                  Scout          02/20/11

Stadler, Mitchell             Life           05/17/09

Steed, Michael                Scout          08/28/11

Steed, Ryan                   Star           07/14/11      Quartermaster

Stewart, Jacob                Scout          10/15/10      Patrol Leader

Stuart, Harrison              Scout          02/20/11

Tucker, Dallas                Life           05/26/11      Senior Patrol
Ldr   05/11/11            

Vickers, Will                 2nd Class      11/23/09      Scribe

Watt, Jack                    Star           05/31/11      Patrol Leader

Watt, Will                    Tenderfoot     12/08/10      Asst Patrol
Ldr     01/04/11            

Wells, KJ                     Scout          02/20/11      Scribe

Weston, Trey                  Life           05/17/09

White, Vance                  Scout          02/20/11

Williams, Nicholas            Tenderfoot     12/08/10      Asst Patrol
Ldr     01/04/11   


Hal Bates

Glen Raven, Inc.

1821 North Park Avenue

Glen Raven, NC 27217




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