Linville Backpacking Trip

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  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 22:51:21 -0400

Hello Troop 17.  It's time to speak up or forever hold your peace on this
weekend's Linville Gorge Backpacking Trip.  Following are the adults and
scouts going this weekend.  As discussed, we have two groups identified.
Please let us know asap if there are any additions or subtractions so we can



1.     Hal Bates

2.    Derek Steed

3.    Rob Martz - Driver

4.    Matt Watt - Driver

5.    Nester Panosea


6.    Scouts

7.    Clay Sommer

8.    Jack Watt

9.    Dallas Tucker

10. Sean Martz




1.     John Maynard - Driver

2.    Mike Chrismon - Driver

3.    Dan White

4.    Keith Wells

5.    David Grant

6.    Wes Sartin

7.    Jim Burton

8.    Shane Stadler - Driver

9.    David Stuart - Driver

10. Rob Jepko


11.  Ryan Steed

12. Luc Stadler

13. Will Watt

14. Grayson Stadler

15. Robert Wallis

16. Will Burton

17. Scott Grant

18. Jacob Stewart

19. Promise Nwoko

20.Matthew Chrismon

21. Charlie Sartin

22.John Steele

23.Van White

24.Harison Stuart

25.KJ Wells

26.Zach Jepko

27.Cooper Hicks

28.Declan Ford


Cost $10 for gas plus $ for fast food dinner Friday & Lunch on Sunday.

Meet at Scout Hut at 4:30, please be on time as we will "Shakedown" all
first time backpackers' gear.

Helpful Links:

     Back packing 101

     Packing Lists


Mom's, please let your boys pack.  They have notes and have been prepared on
food and pack items.


As always, our Electronics Policy
pli=1>  is in effect!

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