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Should you have any questions about our program,  please let us know.

Hal Bates

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Subject: Message to BSA Leaders
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Dear Scouting Volunteers:

You are encouraged to forward this message to parents of your Scouts in your 
Pack, Troop or Crew.

The safety of our Scouts is the Number One priority at the Old North State 
Council.  As the CEO, and as a fellow parent of a Boy Scout active in Old North 
State Council programs, I know what it means to trust the safety of your child 
to the Scouting program.

With the recent news stories concerning the release of documents referred to as 
the Ineligible Volunteer Record Files, I know that you may have questions as to 
what we are currently doing to ensure that Scouting is a safe-haven for our 

In the decades since the Ineligible Volunteer Files were created, the Scouts 
have constantly worked to enhance our policies and procedures. For more than 
100 years, the Boy Scouts of America have led the way in developing techniques 
to keep children safe.  Our multi-tiered Youth Protection approach is often 
cited among the best in the nation by child protection experts.  You can read 
more about BSA Youth Protection policies Click to View 

The BSA has constantly worked to enhance procedures.  Our regimen requires of 
all Leaders:

·         All volunteers must complete a rigorous application and screening 
process before joining Scouting.  As part of this requirement, applicants must 
provide references and submit to review against a national database criminal 
background check.  We also verify that our organization has not received any 
prior allegations of misconduct on the volunteer's part by checking names 
against the National BSA's Ineligible Volunteer Files.

·         All volunteers are required to complete Youth Protection training and 
must renew the training every two years. This training is accessible to the 
general public online at  Click to View 
 Please review the training, as it provides important information about 
detecting and preventing abuse, no matter where it may occur.

·         Scouting's two-deep leadership policy requires at least two adults to 
be present for all Scouting activities. No youth should ever be alone with a 
Scout leader for any reason.

·         Separate facilities for Youth and Adults for sleeping, shower and 
restrooms at all Scout outings.

·         Every Cub Scout and Boy Scout handbook includes a pamphlet to help 
parents teach their children how to recognize, resist and report abuse. Parents 
are encouraged to review and discuss this information with your child.

·         All Scouting activities are open to parents, and we encourage 
families to enjoy Scouting together.

·         Anyone suspected of inappropriate behavior will be immediately and 
permanently banned from Scouting.  Remember, if you have cause to suspect that 
any juvenile is abused, it is North Carolina law and BSA policy that you shall 
report the case to the director of the department of social services in the 
county where the juvenile resides.  A listing of each County Department of 
Social Services can be found here:  http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dss/local/index.htm.  
If child abuse is reported to Department of Social Services, notify the scout 
office immediately so we can take proper action.  If you ever have any concerns 
about your child's safety, please contact our Old North State Council, Boy 
Scouts of America Service Center immediately at (336) 378-9166.

These and additional efforts are designed to ensure a safe environment for 
children. The Old North State Council staff and our 4,000 volunteer leaders are 
committed to a culture of safety in which even one instance of abuse is 

The release of these files shows one thing: that dangerous people were kept out 
of the Scouting program, and that children in the Piedmont are safer because 
these policies exist.  There are no secrets when it comes to keeping our 
children safe.  If you have any questions or concerns about what we are doing 
to protect our children, please contact me at 

I am personally and professionally committed, along with every other adult on 
the Scouting team, to make certain that our approach to protecting our youth 
continues to evolve with the best practices for protecting each of our Scouts.


Rodney Carpenter

Scout Executive/CEO

Old North State Council, BSA

Old North State Council
1405 Westover Terrace  |  P.O. Box 29046
Greensboro, NC 27429
P 336.378.9166 |  F 336.378.9169
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