Fw: Winterplace Ski Trip 2010

  • From: "Bates, Hal" <bateh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 17:14:06 -0500

Remember first payment is due tomorrow night if you plan to go. 

Hal Bates 
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1821 North Park Avenue 
Glen Raven, NC 27217 
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From: Inabnit, William 
To: Bates, Hal 
Sent: Mon Nov 23 13:58:22 2009
Subject: Winterplace Ski Trip 2010 

Here is the flyer for the ski trip.  We can hand it out tomorrow and also email 
either as a pdf or word attachment.  I decided to make the deposit different 
(depending on what the individual is doing…skiing  $55.00 or boarding $75.00).  
The balance due will be the same for both, $50.00.  That way we won’t have to 
worry about getting the right amount from each person, because the balance will 
be $50.00 for everyone.  The deposit is due December 8th (our payment to 
Winterplace is due December 9th).  The balance is due January 5th (with our 
balance to Winterplace due upon arrival).  I’m sending the preliminary invoice 
from Winterplace in a separate email.  It will be adjusted when we get a count 
on the number of skiers and boarders.



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