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Here is a great opportunity for our scouts to earn service hours for their rank advancement. See below.

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Mr. Bates,

Please forward the following information to all the scouts.
Dear All Scouts,

Please assist me in my Eagle Project this Saturday, May 14 at the new Catholic Church being built on Hanford Road. I will be completing my project from 9-12. I will be providing biscuits and drinks for all those who attend. This is a great opportunity for any scouts that need service hours to complete a rank. All scouts that will be attending should bring working gloves and a shovel. For my Eagle Project, I will be landscaping a section of land that contains many overgrown weeds and a few small trees .I will be clearing out everything in this section of land. Once these are cleared out, I will use a tiller to get all of the roots and weeds out of the soil. Once this is finished, I will be digging the holes for three Crape Myrtles and four Azaleas. After these are planted, I will cover the trees and shrubs with peat moss and will make a bedding with pine-straw. I will be doing my Eagle Project at the New Blessed Sacrament Church that is currently being constructed on Hanford Road. You can find this road off of exit 145 on Interstate 40. The address of the church is 1620 Hanford Rd, but you can access my project site by taking the road across from Randy's Golf Center. Enter the neighborhood and take an immediate left and you will find my project site.

If you have any questions please call my cell 336-269-5229.

Thank You,

George Schmitt

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