Family Life Email to Parents

  • From: "Bates, Hal" <HBates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 16:35:47 -0500

Tonight we are starting a new merit badge that is required for the rank
of Eagle scout. Fairfax Reynolds has agreed to teach this course for our
troop and does an excellent job as one of our merit badge counselors.
Please read through Fairfax's email below and pay special to the three
month project that is required to complete the Family Life badge.


*         Link to pamphlet:

*         Merit Badge worksheet with requirements is attached.


To:         Troop 17 Parents

From: Fairfax Reynolds


Tonight at Scouts we will begin work on the Family Life Merit Badge. I
am teaching it and look forward to spending the next three Tuesday
nights with your sons. This merit badge as the name suggests does
incorporate some family activities, specifically:


1.  A personal project done by the scout at home for the benefit of the
family. You will need to help him identify a project. Previous scouts
have primarily done cleaning or organizing projects in the house or
yard.  I am sure with springtime coming you probably have some of those
to do.


2. Planning and carrying out a project involving the participation of
the family.  Similar to the personal project but with family member


3. Plan and carry out a family meeting (it may take more than one) to
include the topics of:

o    Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and drugs

o    Understanding the growing up process and making responsible
decisions about sex

o    Personal and family finances

o    A crisis situation within your family and how you grew from it as a

o    Effect of technology on your family


4.  Having the scout commit to 5 family chores, performing them for 90
days and keeping a log recording when they are done. Because this is a
90 day activity you may want to start it as soon as possible. John
Rosemond, whose advice Ann and I paid considerable attention to while
raising our children says sharing in the household chores is the most
character building activity a child can engage in. This requirement may
take some managing by you but can be very meaningful.


I have attached a summary of all the Family Life Requirements for your
information. All other requirements not mentioned above will be
completed in the troop meetings.


Again, I look forward to being with the Troop. Thanks for your
participation in this Eagle required badge and please contact me if you
have any questions.


Fairfax Reynolds




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