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  • Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 19:57:26 -0400

Well, this Sunday we head off to summer camp this Sunday and I have
forwarded our initial camp letter with a lot of helpful information.


A few quick points:


*         Time: Meet at the scout hut @ promptly 1:30 - we will need
parents to help transport our boys, so if you can, please help - I will
need several parents to help since John will be meeting us at camp and I
can only carry 4 passengers, therefore we need 20 more seats for the

*         Thursday night dinner: please come to Cherokee @ 5:30 - see
Gade's email for details.

*         Saturday morning: pick up is 8:30 @ camp, come to our campsite

*         What to pack:

*         Camp number: Camp Cherokee's phone number is 336-694-6440,
terrible cell signal, so if we are need to be reached, please call the
camp number


Should you have any questions, please let me know.



Hal Bates
Scoutmaster - Troop 17 <> 
2204 Teal Court
Burlington, NC 27215
HM: 336.585.1962
WK: 336.586.1325
MB: 336.269.2215




Summer camp information:


*       Dates: Depart, Sunday, July 3rd and return on Saturday, July
*       Cost: $230, unless you gave me an early bird deposit, which
gives you a $15 discount

*         Medical Forms: A medical form is required for both scouts and
adults, who plan to attend camp and this form will be good for 12 months
of activities. 

*         Parts A, B and C are to be completed:


We will depart from the Garrison-Joyner Scout on Sunday, July 3rd, 2010.
Please arrive at 1:30 pm, as we will need some time to pack before we
depart.  Please have your Scout in "Class A" uniform packed, fed and
ready to go at that time.  We will need some volunteers to help
transport us to camp on Sunday.  A large suitcase, footlocker or duffel
bag is appropriate for camp.  In addition, your scout will need the
following items:  


Sleeping bag or sheets; several towels; soap; toothbrush/paste; personal
items; t-shirts (at least one per day); fun money ($25.00 should be
sufficient); swim trunks; cooler; water bottle (mandatory); flashlight
and spare batteries; 2010 Scout Handbook; Merit Badge Pamphlets (or
money to purchase at camp, approximately $4.00 each); paper and pencil:
rain gear; footwear (Camp requires closed toed shoes at all times) such
as tennis shoes or hiking boots; you may bring sandals to wear in the
showers.  A suggested summer camp packing list can be found on our
website at (click on the Camping tab) 

NO BUG SPRAY, MATCHES OR LIGHTERS!!  The Scoutmaster will supply as


Each Scout should bring a water bottle and sunscreen.  Please discuss
the importance of sunscreen and staying hydrated during camp.  Fourteen
cokes or "Slushies" per day will not keep your scout hydrated!!  I fill
my water bottle up at the well and do just fine. No Snacks or junk food
will be allowed to be brought into Camp.


Each Scout is expected to keep their personal gear stored properly at
all times.  There is a daily inspection of all campsites.  The Scouts
are expected to make a campsite improvement daily, as well as inspect
the area around each tent and participate in cleaning the latrine area
and shower area.  Please discuss these responsibilities with your Scout
prior to Camp.  In addition, please review the Scout Oath and Law and be
mindful that mutual respect of others is not negotiable, but expected.


Under no circumstances are cell phones, portable TV's, radios, boom
boxes, Ipods or CD players allowed at Summer Camp.  These items will be
confiscated if found and returned upon the conclusion of camp. NO
EXCEPTIONS!!  This is a wilderness experience and should remain such.
Any Scout found to have fireworks in their possession would be dismissed
from Summer Camp immediately.  


We will be camping in Chippewa camp site again this year.  It is located
at the curve of "Water Tank" road immediately adjacent to Boy Scout Camp
Road.  Thursday night is Family Night at Camp.  You are cordially
invited for the annual Troop 17 dinner.  We look forward to your arrival
anytime after 5:30 pm on Thursday evening.  The Campfire will begin with
Retreat at 7:45 pm and will conclude by 9:30 pm.  We ask that you bring
enough food for your family and one more.  Gade Lander (336-266-5365)
has volunteered to coordinate Thursday night dinner to be sure we have
plenty of food, paper products and other necessities to make the event a
success.  She may be calling on you to bring paper products, ice or
beverages for the event.  Please help if you will!  Bring your rain
gear.  It ALWAYS rains at Camp on Thursday night.  Please park along the
road near the campsite.  We will have some young men awaiting your
arrival.  If for some reason you cannot attend, please discuss this with
your Scout before Summer Camp.  

Cost for Summer Camp is $230.00.  All checks should be made to Troop 17.
Those checks may be turned in at any time prior to June 7, 2011
(Court-of-Honor).  All payments must be made by this time. If you have a
completed medical form, I will be taking those as well.


Medical Forms: A medical form (enclosed) is required for both scouts and
adults, who plan to attend camp and this form will be good for 12 months
of activities. 

A, B and C are to be completed:


Swim Test:


Please be on the look-out for a date for the summer camp swim check the
YMCA; Camp Cherokee can't handle all of the swim checks on Sunday. In
the event you cannot attend our swim test at the YMCA, please be
prepared to escort your son for the one mile walk to the waterfront that
Sunday for his swim test.


Attention Fathers:


Old North State Council Policy requires that two adults be in Camp at
all times with each unit.  It appears that we will have close to 20+
Scouts going to Camp this year.  We will need at least two adults in
Camp with us at all times this summer.  Please help us with your
volunteer time for a full day/night as your schedule allows during the


Saturday Check-Out:


We will be checking out of Camp on Saturday morning, July 9, 2010 - Plan
to arrive around 8:30.  Our scouts will not be dismissed until the
campsite and individual tents have been inspected and released by the
staff and scoutmaster. NO EXCEPTIONS!  All Scouts should have
transportation back to town on Saturday.


Camp Cherokee's phone number is 336-694-6440 which should be used if you
need to get in touch with us. We have lousy mobile phone service and
leave our phones off most of the week so it's best to call camp
directly, should a need arise.


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