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  • Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 14:20:43 -0400

Next Friday at 4:30 our troop is headed to Linville Gorge for a fabulous
backpacking trip. Next Tuesday we will be giving a backpacking
demonstration to educate our boys on how to prepare. This is
BACKPACKING, not car camping so the boys will need some different items
from our previous trips. 


1.       Boots - please purchase boots this week, Wal-Mart or Dicks are
great places to go for boots. Have the boys wear them as often as
possible to break them in early.

2.       Pack - each boy will need a backpack - we have troop packs that
can be borrowed for the weekend.

3.       Packing list - the sport of backpacking is knowing what to not
pack. Please review the attached list of what I carry on November trips
as a starting point. We will "shake-down" all first time backpackers to
make sure they are not carrying too much stuff. 

4.       Preparation - We will have extensive backpack training next
Tuesday night and parents are welcome to attend. All scouts going on the
trip need to attend.

5.       The hike - we will be hiking in the Linville Gorge. Mr. Maynard
will be taking the younger scouts on a shorter hike and I'll be taking
the First Class rank and above scouts on a more strenuous hike. Of
course, if any First Class or above scout wants to join Mr. Maynard,
they are more than welcome.

6.       Food - food for all day Saturday and Sunday morning - will be
discussed Tuesday

7.       Water - 3, one liter Nalgene bottles, see photo (can be found
at Wal-Mart - do NOT bring disposable water bottles

8.       Cost - $10 for gas. Scouts will also need to bring money for a
meal on Friday night and Sunday lunch. 


Have you scout bring note pad and pencil to take notes!





Hal Bates
Scoutmaster - Troop 17 <> 
2204 Teal Court
Burlington, NC 27215
HM: 336.585.1962
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