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  • From: Jerry Goldman <j-goldman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: scotus_archive@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 13:52:49 -0500

It came as a pleasant surprise to me that SCOTUS has posted the entire 
content of US Reports from volume 502 to 531. 
<> The bound 
volumes are authoritative, easy to read, and paginated in a manner that 
enables easy citation and reference. It is possible to create a url that 
will point to the exact location within a particular volume. It should be 
possible to extract the pdf for an individual case and post it.

It seems to me that the chief virtue of Duke opinion archive is to clarify 
editorial decisions. There should be a way to signal such editorial 
judgments in a pdf while retaining official pagination for citation 
purposes. This way, we have a standard against which we can judge these 
decisions. Better still, we can create our own edited versions and let the 
users of this list decide which ones -- if any -- fit our needs.

Consider, for example, Cohen v. California 
<>. Would you know 
that this case has been edited just from looking at it? There are no 
citations or footnotes. The last paragraph of the introductory section 
(prior to the section marked 'I') has been removed. I  believe another 
paragraph has also been deleted but I did not check with care. My point is 
that we should work from 'authoritative' versions and reveal what we do in 
our editorial decisions. If we find no version that satisfies, we can 
create our own.

Jerry Goldman

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