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  • From: Matthew Roberts <mroberts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:40:29 -0600


If you have received this message, it is because you had previously
indicated your interest in joining a listserv about compiling edited
versions of Supreme Court cases.  Let this message be a formal indication
that discussion may begin!

My apologies for taking so long to get this list up-and-running.  Rather
than deal with the red-tape (and fees) of creating a listserv here on
Minnesota's servers, I opted for a separate company that offers free
listservs--but which also changed ISPs over the weekend.  Things should be
fully operational now.  However, bringing this listserv under the official
umbrella of someone's home institution might be something we'd like to

In the short term, I can think of at least two matters to discuss:

First, Tom Powers (U of Minnesota, Duluth) has suggested that we plan some
face-to-face meetings about this project.  He has been in contact with the
organizers of the Midwest Conference about setting-up just such a meeting.
The goal was for a meeting either the Friday or Saturday of the conference
(either April 26 or 27), though I'm not sure what day will actually be
chosen.  How many individuals would be interested and/or able in attending
the meeting?

Second, the deadline for submissions to the Spring Law & Courts newsletter
is March 1.  Perhaps we take this opportunity to attract attention from
those not on the general law/courts listserv.

Once again, welcome to the list.  You can post messages by sending them to
this address:  scotus_archive@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  Right now the list is
unmoderated, so any post you make will automatically be sent to all
subscribers.  I'll shortly be sending a message to the main law/courts list
with subscription instructions for those who didn't personally express an
interest to me.

Matthew Roberts (mroberts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
   Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Political Science
   Instructional Technology Fellow
   University of Minnesota

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