Preliminary archive on-line

  • From: Matthew Roberts <mroberts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <scotus_archive@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 08:31:52 -0500

Hello to everyone on the archive list,

I'm sending this email out to the law/courts listserve, but wanted to send
it out to the archive listserve as well.
As you'll see in the message below, this listserve will be used to receive
input on the website developed by Chris Schroeder.

Hope you're enjoying the last couple weeks of August,

Tom Powers

>I'm forwarding an email from Chris Schroeder at Duke University announcing
>the creation of a preliminary/first-draft Constitutional law case archive
>website -- .  As he explains, the
>current website is intended to gather comments and suggestions for future
>There was a good bit of discussion last year of setting something like this
>up. The basic idea is to create an alternative to existing web-based
>resources that provide Supreme Court cases, but only in their entirety. The
>archive envisioned here will provide cases edited for use in the classroom.
>As those of you who've followed the discussion know, the devil is in the
>details. We're now at the stage of sorting those out. Many thanks to Chris
>Schroeder for leading the way and taking this big step in making the
>a reality.
>As Chris's email makes clear, what's needed at this point is feedback from
>Con Law teachers and scholars. To facilitate discussion, we'll make use of
>the listserve set up last year by Matthew Roberts. It can be reached by
>emailing scotus_archive@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   Any and all comments, criticisms,
>suggestions, and questions are welcome.
>Yours, Tom Powers

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