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  • Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 01:16:25 -0400

I am not interested in entering into a "bidding war" for the site of
this project. I am much more interested in seeing it get started,
because it seems to me to be a valuablle project.  

 Let me just state that Duke Law School will happily be the site if
that seems deisrable to others.   The law school's web technical staff
and I have already discussed the project and they are prepared to
develop a web site.  As director of the public law program here, I can
dedicate sufficient resources to the project to ensure that it is
adequately staffed.   In the short term, I do not think that funds other
than those available to me here at Duke would be necessary to get the
project off the ground.  As the project grows, I am prepared to do
additional fund raising, if that proves necessary, which I believe will
be easier to do once we have a demonstrated work product. 

Beyond the edited cases archives, I envision a site that is cross
linked to additional resources, such as the full opinions available
through the supreme court's web site for recent terms of court and to
our own archive of full opinions for prior years, as well as commentary
on significant decisions.  As part of the site, I would like to develop
a "quick analysis" capability for new cases as the Court decides them,
perhaps by soliciting commentary from the participating attorneys,
perhaps by soliciting commentary from interested others.  Emphasis would
be on the impact of the decisions beyond the case itself.  

 I have no plans to leave Duke any time soon - my wife is currently
dean of the law school and has another 3 years left on her term. 

I have no intention of starting this project on my own - the content of
it will be heavily dependent on a large  group of interested
participants, much beyond my own capabilities.  I will also be a willing
participant in the project where ever its home may be.

Chris Schroeder

Chris Schroeder
Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies
Director of the Program in Public Law
PO Box 90360
Duke Law School
Durham, NC 27708-0360
voice:  919 613 7096
fax: 919 613 7161

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