Scootworks' 3rd (and hopefully final) load of clearance items...

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 15:06:59 -0500

We've been cleaning out the warehouse of items that have been around far too
long, items that have been discontinued and left us with only one or two
pieces, closeouts, slow movers, etc. A lot of these items have been flying
out of here, but there are still about 165 or so items, maybe a little more.
We broke the list up into clothing & acc, misc, Fits-All-Bikes (non-bike
specific stuff), and bike specific stuff by brands to make it a little
easier to navigate. Since we've marked the stuff down to give-away and
serious loss pricing, I didn't spend a lot of time with descriptions and
fluff. We'd like to push this stuff out the door so as to not pay inventory
taxes on it _again_, as some of this stuff has been on the books 2-3 years!
(talk about slow movers, heheheh). There's also a few scratch-n-dent items,
but they're marked as such...otherwise, everything is "new" (but old) stock.

You can see this stuff by going to and click the big
[Specials] logo right in the middle of the page. Pop over and see if there's
anything you're interested in. Also, you can get a little more off of the
final price by using the promo word SURPRISE in the shopping cart during
check out, and click "recalculate". We're only passing this promo word out
to our email list at this time (there are over 42,000 of you on here!), and
not posting it elsewhere, to give you a little something extra for being our

Poke around on that page and see if there's anything you want at a steal.
Happy Shopping!

Scootworks, Inc.
Ph. (919) 269-0986

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