Project Bikes for sale, other fall clearance items...

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Here's the latest news or sales info at Scootworks, manufacturer of custom 
metal, fiberglass, and cloth products for motorcycles.

We've got a few things to tell you about, including a couple of bike projects for sale...

**Chopper projects for sale**

While doing a bit of fall cleaning, we've decided to offer up a couple of our bike projects for sale. With the downturn of the economy in recent years and it's impact on the custom motorcycle market, our primary focus is on manufacturing our line of products and sales of same. While it's fun to build custom bikes, it's also difficult to dedicate shop time to projects that have no customer or cash flow, and that may sit on the floor for years before the right person comes along. We find ourselves pulling these out to work on them from time to time, mostly on slow winter days. We'll sell them as is or complete them for you. Here's what we have:

- Chopper #1. We call this the NinjaChop, primarily because it is fitted with a 130hp Kawasaki Ninja sport bike engine. We had planned to follow through with Ninja themed items & paint, but at this point, it's only a name. This started off as a bike for a 'would be' customer, but the economy hit his business hard and he fell on tough times, so we ended up with this bike project underway and no customer. All of the frame mods are completed and blended, the jack shaft drive system with driveline braking is designed an in place, gas tank fabricated & fitted, fenders cut and fitted, chrome hand shift mechanism is completed, chrome foot pegs/mounts and hydraulic foot controls completed & installed, chrome telescopic front end and raked trees installed, remote oil cooler mounts fabricated, hidden cooling system designed and installed, custom handlebar risers fabricated, seat pan fabricated, custom front spoiler built to fit, computer ignitor, fusebox, wiring schematic, etc. This has a 300 rear tire/wheel, 21" front tire/wheel, and rear drive pulleys. 42 degrees rake on the frame and another 6 degrees in the trees to correct the trail to 4" brings the total rake to 48 degrees...while it looks radical, it is an easy 1-handed driver. I have a chopper built on this same platform and love it. The driveline on this bike was designed so the bike will not run more than a little over 100mph with the engine at redline, but with 130+ hp, performance with be crazy! The bike comes with full Certificates of Origin for licensing at DMV. You can see the build thus far at:

There are tons of man hours and design time and labor in this bike thus far, not to mention over $5000 in parts. The difficult work is completed, now it's time for the small stuff, wiring, paint, etc. It's a great project to pick up and complete, or we'd be happy to do it for you. $3500 as is, or negotiable for completion. If interested, drop us a note at sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

- Chopper #2. We call this the Rigid-8. It had no prospective owner, and like chopper #1 above, has been a "spare time" bike. With our shop's manufacturing schedule, "spare time" is getting more difficult to find, so it has been collecting dust in storage. We designed this layout around a Kawasaki Vulcan VN800 engine. These engines are tough, powerful, dependable, sound great, and very cheap on the used market...making it a perfect modern metric engine to build around. The frame was siamesed for a dual belt drive (for looks) with a 300 rear tire, but it could be used with a simple left or right side single belt or chain drive as well. This frame is just like with chopper #1 above, 42 degrees in the neck, 6 degrees in the trees, 4 inches trail for a great handling bike. This has become our favorite setup for radical looks but being very comfortable to ride. The frame mods are completed to fit a VN800 engine in place, and it has a mock-up engine installed at this time. Seat post mods are completed (required for the large metric transmission case). It comes with a brand new telescopic front end in chrome, a 300 rear rim, an uncut rear fender blank, nad lots of misc bits and pieces.

For most people, the toughest part of building a bike with a metric engine is the engine mounting system, and that's all completed for you. Over $2500 in parts along. $1200 as is, or negotiable for completion. It's a great project to pick up and complete, or we'd be happy to do it for you. If interested, drop us a note at sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

** Other Items **

1- Do any of you run a metric shop or work at a metric dealership? We used to do a lot of service, and as such, have a load of new factory gaskets, bearings, rubber rim bands, seals, etc. We've focused the business on manufacturing and custom work, and no longer need this stuff. We do a little service as time permits, so we only order what we need, when needed. There's few thousand $$ in this stuff, cluttering our shop. See more about it at:

2- Scootworks has lots of used factory parts in good condition. We're not a salvage yard, but we do get a lot of parts on trade-in when we customize bikes. We also have quite a few from bikes we pick up from time to time, to build a custom bike from. We used to 'shelve' those items for in-house jobs. Folks ask all the time about if we have this part or that part, so we decided to clean, categorize, and package these items for sale on our website. There are literally hundreds of items listed, now. You can find them at:

Likewise, there are lots of clearance & Scratch-N-Dent items at:

3- Diamondz Wheels on sale... We have a pair of VN800 "A" Model wheels on clearance. These were mfg for show some time back, and just hanging around in inventory. 21" front, 18" rear in Diamondz design. See more about them at:

4- FOR SALE: 21" H-D spoke WideGlide front wheel, tire, & rotor. Modified for fitment on Honda VTX-1300R to convert to 21" wheel. Works with stock 1300R front fender. New All-Balls bearings & seals, custom preload spacer fabricated, etc. Customer brought it in _weeks_ ago for a "rush job". Customer has evaporated. For sale, $150 + shipping. Email me at sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

Scootworks, Inc.

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