Motorcycle Chrome Exchange Clearance, PromoCode, New Parts, etc

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Here's the latest news or sales info at Scootworks, manufacturer of custom 
metal, fiberglass, and cloth products for motorcycles.

Fall Cleaning & Promo stuff at ScootWorks...

1- PromoCode: our promo code is the same as before (smc814), but the percentage has been bumped up a bit for the end of this month. Drop parts in your shopping cart, enter SMC814 in the promo box, and click "recalculate" to see the results.

2- Chrome Exchange Clearance:This was very popular from about 2002 thru 2008, but is almost non-existant on these older bikes, these days. These are all factory OEM parts that have been stripped, polished and chrome plated. We're pushing all of this out the door this weekend, no exchange / deposit / or core returns required. If interested in any of the items below, email support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . These are the only items in chrome exchange that are being flushed out the door. Most items are only 1 in stock unless otherwise noted.

* VN1500 Swingarm, was $350, now $150.
* Front fork legs, VN800A - was $250, now $125.
* Front fork legs VN800 Classic/1500 Classic - was $250, now $125.
* VN800A single piston front caliper - was $150, now $75 (2 in stock).
* VN800 Classic / 1500 Classic dual piston front caliper - was $150, now $75 (3 in stock). * Rear Engine mounts for VN1500 Classic/Nomad 1500 - were $150 for pair, now $50 pair.
* VN800/1500 Classic oil filler cap - was $20, now $10.
* Honda OEM switch heads (no wiring) for VLX/Spirit/Ace/VT1100 spirit - was $110 for full set (4 halves), now $55 for full set (8 sets in stock). * 750 Ace top tree (prob fits other models with indicators in tree) - was $75 - now $40. * Switch heads for Mean Streak / VN900 / VN2000 / Roadstar / Warrior / Marauder 1600 / M95 - was $110, now $55. * Rear master cylinder reservoir cover VN1500 Classic/Nomad - was $20, now $10 (2 in stock).
* Honda 750 Spirit LH Clutch perch assy - was $60, now $40 (2 in stock).
* Honda 750 Spirit RH brake perch & reservoir assy - was $110, now $60.
* V-Star 650/1100 LH clutch perch - was $60, now $40.
* VN800 Drifter style engine case covers 2 pcs LH side, ground smooth and chrome plated with both access ports - was $400, now $175.
* VN800 LH Sprocket cover - was $75, now $40.
* VN800 Speedo Nacelle - was $75, now $40.
* VN1500 Classic speedo nacelle - was $75, now $40.
* VN1500/Mean Streak differential housing - was $250, now $150.
* VN800 rear brake drum insert, RH side - was $125, now $75.
* VN800 LH side chain drive insert - was $75, now $40.
* Spirit/Ace 750 RH side rear brake drum insert - was $125, now $75.
* VN1500 Classic/Nomad floorboards - were $250, now $125.
* VN1500 Classic/Nomad rear master cylinder - was $100, now $50.
* VN1500 Classic rear brake caliper stay - was $75, now $40.

You can see them in the public link below, you don't have to have a facebook account:

3- Along the lines of the clearance of older chrome exchange parts, here are a few polished rotors that need to go. These are factory rotors that were polished to a mirror finish. NEVER chrome plate a rotor, it does not last. These are made of 410 stainless steel, and look like chrome...and last! We used to do lots of these things for the older bikes, but they're not so popular any more. Price on all of these was $100 w/exchange, now they're $50 ea. + exchange on these. Limited numbers, once gone, we won't ever have them again. Email suppoprt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx if interested in any:

* VN1500 Nomad rear...aprox 12-1/2" dia, 7 bolt (1 pc in stock)
* VN800 "A" & Classic / VN1500 Classic (prob Nomad)...aprox 11-3/4" dia, 7 bolt (2 psc in stock) * VN1500 Nomad rear...aprox 11-1/2" dia, 7 bolt, Drifter/1500 Classic rear (1 pc in stock)
*H-D 11-1/2" dia, 5 bolt (smooth with vent holes), 1 pc in stock
*H-D 11-1/2" dia, 5 bolt (flamed spokes), 1 pc in stock

You can also see them in the public link at:

4- Honda 1300 VTX; 21" front wheel conversion. 21" H-D spoke WideGlide front wheel, tire, & rotor. Modified for fitment on Honda VTX-1300R to convert to 21" wheel. New All-Balls bearings & seals, custom preload spacer fabricated, etc. For sale, $150 + shipping. If interested, email support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . You can see what it looks like in the links below, and even see what one of these looks like on a 1300 VTX:

5- 1983 Honda GL1100 for sale. It runs, but needs work. 20,870 miles. It has been left at our shop over 2 years, owner evaporated. It's going out of here, we aren't a storage facility. If anyone is interested, drop us a message direct or email at support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . We can't ship this beast, it must be local pickup only. You can see it here in these public links:

6- Design and prototyping of the 40x45 carb adapter is completed. This is for any bike that uses a 40mm CV carb or similar, to allow one to install a 45mm carb. Great for pimped out engines. Retail is $50 + shipping. You can see it at these public links:

OK, that's all for now, we've gotta get back to work and manufacture parts. Ride safe!

Scootworks, Inc.

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