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Insurance: playing for keeps
(Economic Times)
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Unit-linked insurance plans have been a favourite with investors for
sometime now. The only problem with this class of product is that the
investor has to decide the asset allocation that best suits his needs in
terms of risk-reward ratio and also change the asset allocation depending on
his view on the equity and debt markets.

Retail investors are not very market savvy and may not be able to switch
between funds at the right time. SBI Life seems to have understood this need
of the investor for hassle-free investing and introduced its first
unit-linked plan with automatic asset allocation.

The plan is called Horizon and will automatically reallocate funds on a
regular basis at no extra cost. The customer will just have to choose his
plan, regular premium amount, frequency of premium payment and the term.
After this, the company will allocate the premium amount in different asset
classes depending on the market view.

The two plans on offer are dynamic and growth. Under the dynamic plan, a
higher proportion of the money is invested in equities during the initial
years. Therefore, this plan will offer higher returns over longer terms. As
the plan reaches maturity, the fund will automatically rebalance the assets
towards safer avenues such as debt and cash. Thus, in the initial years, the
portfolio will be overweight in equities and in the latter years, it will be
overweight in debt. This makes this fund suitable for terms over 15 years as
it offers higher returns over long terms.

The growth plan, on the other hand, has a more balanced approach and
therefore, offers moderate returns. The premiums paid are put into less
risky options, which offer good returns towards maturity. The investment in
equity decreases more rapidly and therefore, this plan is suitable for terms
between 10 to 15 years.

Horizon will invest in three funds: Equity, bond and money market. At
maturity, the policyholder will get the 'policy investment value' (PIV). PIV
is the total value of the units that the policyholder holds in all the asset
classes. In case of death of the policyholder, the nominee will receive the
PIV plus the sum assured.

After the first year, if the policyholder is unable to pay the regular
premium, the life cover will continue and the mortality charges will be
recovered from the policy investment value on a monthly basis. After three
years the policyholder has the flexibility to withdraw a portion of the PIV.
The first two withdrawals in a policy year are free of cost.

The policyholder can use the top-up facility to invest any surplus. However,
this will not impact the life cover. The top-up amount is limited to the
annualised regular premium for tax benefits.

The minimum age at entry is 14 years while maximum age is 60 years. The
maximum cover age is 70. The minimum term can be for 10 years and the
maximum term can be for 40 years. The life cover amount is calculated at 10
times the annualised premium.

The minimum life cover can be Rs 1,20,000 and the maximum can be Rs 10 lakh.
The minimum annual premium is therefore Rs 12,000 and the maximum yearly
premium is Rs 1 lakh. The premium can be paid either monthly, quarterly,
half yearly or yearly.

There is a tax rebate under Section 88 of the I-T act and the maturity and
death benefits are tax free under Section 10 (10) D.

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