[sbinews] SBI Intranet being launched on 01-01-2004

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 The Intranet is an employee portal set up as an initiative of the networking 
department. All users who have access to SBI Connect can access 95 % of the 
content in this site while those who in addition have SBI e-mail addresses can 
access 100 % of this site. The aim of the site is to bridge the gap between 
different departments and enable more efficient dissemination of information. 
The site will act as a channel for knowledge sharing and should provide access 
to a centralized repository of information, given the diverse nature of our 
information sources. An editorial committee consisting of people from various 
departments has been set up to co-ordinate the content and information 
available on the site. This will be launched on 1st January 2004 with the 
following information and entertainment sources. Thus for all users of the 
intranet portal there will be access to: 
q       Information about SBI - its history, mission, vision and core values.

q       Message from top management including chairman's message

q       All published newsletters across departments.

q       An advanced search functionality.

q       Product information (SBI's and competitors) - retail, corporate, mutual 
funds, insurance and technology

q       All staff related forms in a downloadable format

q       Contacts details of all officers, branches, offices, agencies and 
q       Any current and relevant news and events displayed like a bulletin 

q       Latest interest rates and stock price.

q       Annual reports-current and archived for 3-4 years

q       Reports, case studies, white papers, articles and presentations 
published by different departments.

q       Banking and finance news, products, statistics, research articles, 
current issues, interviews, book reviews and regulatory information from the 
Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

q       Press releases made by the bank.

q       CRIS-INFAC Industry reports- perspective on different sectors.

q       Links to certain important sites

In addition, it will also provide various functionalities to encourage user 
registration and participation. The idea for provision of these is that a happy 
employee is a productive employee and this portal is designed keeping in mind 
personal requirements of the employee. It also aims at providing various 
facilities, prizes and discounts for the employee. These are as follows:

q       Contests zone containing crosswords, quizzes etc. with exciting prizes 
on offer

q       A buy and sell corner where employees can post what items and objects 
they have on offer to sell and what they would like to buy. 
q       Corporate schemes where companies in exchange for display of ads on the 
portal would provide some discount schemes for employees.

q       A contributions corner where employees can post any creative insight 
that they might have in terms of articles, poems etc.

q       Staff suggestion scheme to provide employees with a convenient route 
for posting their suggestions and viewing its status.

q       Awards corner where employees' awards and achievements are placed for 
everyone to view and a spotlight where certain key achievements are emphasized.

q       A family corner where employees could highlight achievements of family 

q       Discussion board where employees can bring up any topic for discussion 
which can be viewed by everyone and responded to by anyone.

q       Thought provoking ideas and interesting quotes in "thought for the day".

Certain useful links are also provided like:

q       E-Mail 
q       Web site of SBI

q       Internet banking site of SBI

q       E-Circulars - Circulars in electronic format

All the above functionalities will be available from 1st Jan 2004. Subsequent 
to that, there will be the following features which will all be included by 1st 
March, 2004. These are:

q       Photo gallery

q       Opinion Poll

q       Search functionalities for employees

q       A dynamic site map.

Workflows such as application for leave and expenses claims will be introduced 
in the system later. These will ensure that the intranet will be a 
comprehensive blend of utility and content.

The intranet will be successful only if there is enthusiastic response from the 
employees. It is after all, only a channel, to enable better communication, 
bonding and knowledge sharing. As the saying goes " you can lead a horse to 
water, but you cannot make it drink". The bank, being of such a vast nature 
faces tremendous problems of lack of communication and information 
dissemination. This will be a fun-filled path to quicker information access and 
will serve in bringing people from all over India together. What is required 
from each and every employee is enthusiasm and contributions. These two will be 
the key to enabling success of this communication conduit. The networking 
department will be glad to respond to any queries, suggestions and ideas which 
any of you may have in this regard. You may please contact 
rupa.rajamani@xxxxxxxxx in this connection. 


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