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Dear Sir/Madam,

Reproduced below is an interesting write-up by Sri. Anup Sen, Chief Manager,
SBI STC, Salt Lake, Kolkata. The article was written on the occasion of
full computerisation in the Bank.

R.S.Pai, Moderator
Moment of History

All branches of State Bank of India will operate in fully computerized
environments from Monday, 19th January, 2004, ending a 198 year old history
of manual accounting system.

Here is a brief insight into our great legacy:
Luckykaunt Burraul and Tareeny Churn Mookherjee - do the names ring any
bell? Well, don't rack your brain too hard for neither are they any
luminaries nor do they merit any mention in a Who's Who. Their claim to fame
is that they were the first two customers of our Bank when we began our
journey 198 years ago as the Bank of Calcutta.

The first ever newspaper advertisement of the Bank of Calcutta that appeared
in the Calcutta Gazette in May, 1806 went like this - "The public are hereby
informed that the Bank of Calcutta will commence business on Monday, the 2nd
June, 1806." But like now, even then, our Bank was proactive and ahead of

Although officially the Bank of Calcutta started its journey on 2nd June,
1806, the first ever transactions took place on 14th May, 1806 when the Bank
granted its first two loans on deposit of Company's paper to the two
esteemed gentlemen mentioned above. Luckykaunt Barraul (Laxmikanta Boral)
was granted a loan of Rs.50,000 and Tareeny Churn Mookherjee (Tarini Charan
Mukherjee) was benefited with a loan of Rs.2,800.

Dhuliyan, Nabagram, Fartabad .. .. .. there are thirteen of them, the last
thirteen - unless you have worked somewhere around those places in all
probability you will not be able to identify them on the map of West Bengal.
In one of these branches history will be made today, the 17th of January,
2004. One of these branches will have the distinction of putting through the
last ever accounting entry manually in the history of State Bank of India.

The legacy of manual accounting system that began 198 years ago with the
Bank of Calcutta will end today. A great chapter closed forever.

Generally such occasions are filled with nostalgia and emotions, but writing
the obituary of our Manual Accounting System instead is giving me immense
pleasure. In fact today we are more proud of our organization than anything
else. Because from Monday, the 19th of January, 2004 a fresh chapter will be
added to the illustrious history of the Bank. The era of full
computerization of the Bank will begin on that day.

FROM 19th JANUARY, 2004.

The first computers came to our Bank way back in 1971 in the IOR department.
In 1992, our Madame Cama Road Branch at Mumbai had the distinction of being
the first fully computerized branch of the Bank. Between 1992 and 31st
March, 2003, we computerized 3701 branches. And then the drive was taken to
fully computerize all our branches.

Accordingly, the Universal Computerisation Project was undertaken and UCP
version of Bankmaster was launched on 1st May, 2003. Within a period of nine
months, we have successfully computerized more than 5300 branches that
included some of the remotest places in the country. What appeared as a
mission impossible to the skeptics then, is a project accomplished and the
target reached almost a year ahead of the deadline - a fantastic achievement
indeed in the history of the Bank, which was possible due to the dedication
and diligence of thousands of employees at all levels, who overcame all the
obstacles to take the Bank to such new heights.

When India as a country is one of the global leaders in the field of
information technology, it is no wonder that the largest bank of the country
will lead the way. But so far the benefits of the IT revolution was mostly
limited within the urban upper and middle classes. It is our Bank that has
taken the benefits of computerization to the remotest areas of the country,
where let alone computers, people are yet to be benefited with an electric
bulb. From Dras, the second coldest inhabited place in the world at heights
of the great Himalayas, to the tiny islands in the Bay of Bengal and the
Arabian Sea, from the arid deserts of Rajasthan to Mausinram, the wettest
place on earth we have successfully delivered the benefits of
computerization to the citizens of our country irrespective of his domicile.
It is for this great task of carrying the IT revolution to the people of the
nation, State Bank of India will be remembered for generations.

Computerisation is not an end, but a means to achieve greater goals for the
Bank and for the country. It is a watershed between the glorious past and a
great promising future, the dawning of a new era. The next step will be one
that no organization in the world have ever dreamt of - bringing 13,500
branches of the State Bank group under one single umbrella. Let us now
prepare ourselves for greater glory by welcoming the Core Banking Solutions

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