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I can go out to the Deer Park Airport on Fri, the 17th. I plan on going out to
our Star Party at Fishtrap on Sat. I'll call that number listed below tomorrow
and get the details.

Bryan Dooley

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as I informed everyone Jerry Eber has left us for the Westside of the State now
and he was my outreach volunteer.

I am in need of some volunteers for this outreach, I will give you everything
you need to setup a table with displays and handouts.

it would be great to get a couple people so someone can be outside with a
telescope. it looks like we will some good weather this week. Please let me
know if you can help.

If I don't get any volunteers I will send them a message that we will not be

Thursday, April 16th from 5:30 to 7:30.
Snowdon Elementary is having a curriculum night…Art Through Science
6323 S. Holly Road (very close to the CAT plant and PETRO

Also Richard Cummings has asked me to mention the Boys Scouts will be doing a
Camp at the Deerpark airport and wants to know if anyone can bring up some
telescopes on April 17th or 18th. please call and let him know if you can do it
one of these days


Debbie Cotten

Outreach, Event Coordinator &
Secretary of
The Spokane Astronomical Society

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