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The sky was half decent.  Steve Kraus, Jerry Eber, Nick and Bryan and their 
families were there.  Another couple showed up fairly late.  When it turned 
cold and hazy my brother-in-law Mike and I packed it in.

We watched the crescent moon and Venus set until it got dark enough to focus on 
other things.  I thought I had found M67, which would have been the only new 
Messier Object I could add to my collection, but now I'm not sure if I saw it 
or the Beehive Cluster.  Jupiter was out in full glory with its entourage.

Sorry we missed you, Jen!

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

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 Anyone planning on heading to Fishtrap Friday if the sky is
 half decent?
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 >oh, I forgot the link. 
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 >the order for viewing objects is important as it appears
 in the sky, this is a good site to use, which also has links
 to photo's of the objects. 
 >Then you kinda know where to start. 
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 >Just some 
 >random thoughts from someone with very little
 >I'd like to hear others' thoughts and 
 >Of course 
 >it's all academic if the clouds hang 

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